The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 92

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 92

Charlie nodded and said, “You should heal your injury first, and if you recover from your injury, run the restaurant well. If there is anything you need to do, I will tell you then.

Darren repeatedly said: “I will listen to your instructions at any time!”

Charlie said again: “Oh, right, about today you must not tell anyone about this matter. I don’t want others to know my identity, understand?”

Darren hurriedly nodded and said: “I understand, don’t worry, even if I die, I won’t say anything!”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “I will arrange two nurses for you to take care of you. Take care of yourself. I will leave now.”

Back home, Charlie did not tell his wife Claire what happened today.

He still doesn’t want to let his wife know too much. For her, the less she knows, the safer.

The next day, when he was out shopping for groceries, he suddenly received a call. He picked it up and saw that it was actually from Warnia, the boss of Jiqingtang and the daughter of the Song family.

Charlie couldn’t help but wonder, what would Warnia have to do with him?

After picking it up, Warnia’s voice came, “Mr. Charlie, I’m really sorry, I take the liberty to interrupt, please forgive me.”

Charlie asked subconsciously, “Is there something wrong with the Yuhuchun bottle after I repaired it?”

Warnia quickly replied: “That’s not the case. I called Mr. Charlie because of other things.”

Charlie gave a hum and said, “say it.”

Warnia said: “The thing is, I have recently fancied something, but I am a little bit uncertain. You have a lot of knowledge in antiques, so I would like to ask you to come and help me with it?”

Charlie didn’t actually have any interest in appreciating antiques, but now he also has some treasures that contain spiritual energy, so he continued to ask: “Can you tell me what it is?”

Warnia replied: “It’s an ancient jade. According to the seller, after wearing it, it has the effect of peace of mind and good luck and avoiding evil.”

Charlie’s mind suddenly turned.

The Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures that he got accidentally seemed to record some spiritual things.

That kind of treasure that contains spiritual energy is of great benefit to people. He wanted to know if such a treasure could really be found in the world, so he agreed and said: “Okay, I can accompany you.”

Warnia said, “Thank you, Mr. Charlie, I will pick you up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“it is good.”

After hanging up the phone, Charlie also thought to himself.

Regal feng shui, this kind of antiques that can calm the nerves and seek good fortune and avoid evil is highly praised by the rich. You can contact them more in the future to see if there is any chance.

Early the next morning.

Warnia drove to pick up Charlie on time.

After Charlie got in the car, Warnia said: “Mr. Charlie, I’m going to buy this ancient jade today, as well as a few other people in Aurous Hill are interested. I am afraid the competition will be very fierce.”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “It doesn’t matter if there are many people or few people. The main thing is to see how things are. If things are good, you shouldn’t be afraid of people. I believe in Miss Song’s strength. If you really want to get a treasure, don’t stop yourself.”

Warnia smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Charlie, as the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountains, and people outside the mountains. Just in Aurous Hill, this one-third of acres will hide dragons and crouching tigers. I don’t know how many people are better than me.”

Charlie pretended to be surprised and asked: “No? Isn’t the Song family the largest family in Aurous Hill?”

Warnia smiled and said, “That’s just the surface, let’s not talk about anything else. Take the new chairman of the Emgrand Group as an example. The Emgrand Group will top our entire Song family. The strength of this person is truly unfathomable.”

While talking, Warnia sighed again: “I actually want to make friends with this big man, but it’s a pity that this person is too mysterious to find any breakthrough.”

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