The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 59

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 59

When they heard that Lili’s father was a cultural relic appraiser, all the classmates present cast contempt and sympathy at Charlie.

They think Charlie is really unlucky!

He wanted to pretend, but when he meets an expert person on the scene, is this not equal to slapping self in the face?

If Lili’s father, Yuesheng, comes in a while, wouldn’t he be ashamed?

Claire was also a little embarrassed, and whispered to Charlie: “Charlie, so many students are watching, don’t be stubborn, otherwise you will be embarrassed!”

Before coming, Charlie said that he bought a painting, but he said it was not worth a fews, and now he said it was worth tens of thousands. Claire was also a little bit bottomless at once, thinking that Charlie might have said that for the sake of face.

But Charlie didn’t care at all, and said, “Since you don’t believe it, let the professionals appraise it.”

After that, he said again: “By the way, everyone, don’t forget, classmate Gerald has never repented, and he cursed again. This time he wants to eat the table.”

When Gerald thought about the burning of the car just now, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “Charlie, you’re so f*cking arrogant! I was shamed by you for the racing thing just now! I’m willing to lose the bet! This time I am Still willing to bet! If the painting you gave is really worth tens of thousands, I will eat the table on the spot! If it’s not worth it, can you eat it?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Okay, if it’s not worth it, I’ll just eat it.”

Although the painting is not a famous painting, it is indeed the work of Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen, and the antique shop is also a national chain, with genuine guarantees, and a penalty for fakes, so the paintings are never fake.

Claire wanted to stop Charlie, but he didn’t react at all. Charlie had already agreed. In desperation, she had to sigh secretly.

Elsa was also a little surprised, why is Charlie so sure?

In fact, take a closer look, this person is still very mysterious. In Classic Mansion that day, the famous Orvel nodded and bowed to him. She hadn’t figured out why.

But she can also be sure that Charlie must have a secret!

Gerald felt that he finally had a chance to regain the lost reputation, and immediately blurted out: “Okay, everyone is here to witness, let’s let Lili invite her father to come down to help us identify!”

Lili directly dialed the phone in front of everyone and said, “Dad, come down for a moment, Darren’s classmate has a painting and I want you to appraise it.”

One minute later, an Old Master slowly walked down the stairs from the second floor.

This person is Yuesheng, a famous cultural relic appraiser in Aurous Hill.

Today was the opening ceremony of Yuesheng’s daughter and future son-in-law’s restaurant. He also invited an old friend to gather in the private room upstairs. He heard that there were ancient paintings that needed to be appraised. Soon as his professional habits came up, he hurried down to take a look.

Yuesheng stepped forward and stepped onto the stage. Lili hurriedly handed him the gift box with the painting, and said, “Dad, you can help identify this painting. Some people say it is worth tens of thousands!”

With that said, she looked at Charlie with a look of contempt.

Who believes a rag, leftover eating man can get an ancient painting worth tens of thousands?

No need to guess, the painting must be fake!

Others are just as she thought.

No one believed that Charlie could really give a calligraphy and painting worth tens of thousands.

Yuesheng took the gift box, and under the attention of everyone, he took out the scroll and opened it carefully.

The old paintings are a little yellowish, and they look really inconspicuous. Many of the classmates who like to judge people by appearance one after another said: “Oh, it doesn’t look like a good thing!”

“Yes, I think it’s worth fiftys.”

“It’s estimated that the box is not as valuable? That box is probably worth seven or eighty!”

Yuesheng studied the painting carefully, and after watching it for a few minutes, he smiled and asked, “Is this painting a gift from classmate?”

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