The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 56

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 56

Many classmates gave gifts one after another. Charlie also took the ancient painting he bought and walked to front closer to Darren and said, “Congratulations Darren, this is a little opening gift from me and Claire.”

Claire also smiled and said, “Darren, congratulations, and wish you a lot of money!”

“Thank you, thank you.” Darren hurriedly thanked him, and then leaned to Charlie’s ear, and said with a smirk: “I think you have a very close relationship with your wife, unlike what the outside world said! When will you have a baby?”


Claire could not help but blush when she heard the two people whispering. Charlie smiled and said: “Don’t gossip like that. When the time comes, I will tell you. You can’t live without the money!”

“That’s true!” Darren nodded repeatedly, and said: “I will wrap my child a big red envelope by then!”

At this time, a woman with heavy makeup and ordinary appearance came to Darren and asked, “Darren, who are these two?”

“This is my college buddy, iron buddy, Charlie! This is our school flower, Claire, and is now Charlie’s wife.”

After Darren introduced the two, he introduced the woman next to him, and said, “This is my fiancee, Lili Liu.”


“Huh? He is the one who eats leftovers?”

Lili blurted out, but soon realized that she was wrong, she quickly changed her words and smiled: “I have been listening to Darren mentioning you, you two are really talented and beautiful!”

Charlie pretended not to hear, and handed the ancient painting to Lili, saying: “This is our little gift.”

Lili smiled and said, “You came here that is more than enough, why bothered bringing a gift!”

As she said, she quickly accepted the gift box.

Charlie said, “You couple should be busy. Let’s find a place to sit first.”

“Okay.” Darren said apologetically: “I’m sorry Charlie, there are too many classmates, so I have to say hello.”

As soon as Charlie and Claire left, Lili hurriedly opened the gift box given by Charlie and found that there was a scroll inside. She frowned and said, “What did your classmate give?”

Darren said, “Can’t you see it? A painting!”

“Cut.” Lili curled her lips in disdain, opened the scroll and took a look, and said: “What a tattered thing, old and rotten, I guess it’s worth one or two hundreds.”

Darren sternly said: “What do you care about how much money it cost, the classmates give it to you, the gift is a symbol of affectionate.”

Lili said: “Come on, let me tell you that in the future, such classmates should be kept at arms length, and two people will give such a little bit of tattered. It is not enough to pay for their meals!”

Darren’s face was gloomy: “Lili, are you just such a snob?”

Lili suddenly became angry: “Darren how do you talk? I am snobbish? I want to be really snobbish, and I will find you a pauper? Don’t forget, my dad invested most of the money in this restaurant!”

Darren’s expression was a bit awkward, but he was also a little speechless at once.

At this time, Gerald walked in front of the two of them. He had recovered a lot from the burning of the car just now, and he began to carry a powerful posture again.

When he came to the two of them, he directly handed a thick red envelope and said lightly: “Darren, your restaurant is open, and I don’t know what to give you, so I just wrap you a big red envelope.”

Lili hurriedly accepted it as she thanked him. She squeezed her hands and knew that there was a 10,000-strong one, and immediately said flatly, “Oh, thank you!”

Gerald waved his hand and asked her, “I think Charlie also came to give gifts just now? What did he give?”

Lili snorted and said, “I don’t know from which second-hand market he brought a painting. It’s probably worth one or two hundreds!”

Gerald sneered and said, “pauper is after all pauper!”

Chapter 57