The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 164

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 164

Guo Ming was still lying on the ground, his face flushed with embarrassment, but he couldn’t control it at all, and he even wanted to die.

Jinghai waved his hand, and Guo Ming suddenly became soft and collapsed directly on the ground, extremely ashamed.

“What, Mr. Guo Ming, are you convinced?” Solmon laughed.

Guo Ming gritted his teeth, blood oozing between his teeth, and murmured bitterly: “I’m taken.”

Seeing Guo Ming bowed his head to admit defeat, the whole yard was silent, and no one dared to say anything again.

And then, Jinghai turned his head to look at Charlie, and said: “Snatched my clams treasure that day, today you see my magical powers, do you dare to be arrogant?”

Charlie shrugged and said: “Just your two strokes, are you counting?”

Warnia hurriedly grabbed Charlie, and said in a low voice, “Now let’s be soft here. Jinghai does have some skills. Don’t lose your life for indifferent dignity.”

Jinghai sneered and said, “You are young and ignorant, I ask you, how dare you compare me with yourself! If you lose, return the clams back to me and apologize to me on your knees!”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “Competition? What makes you think you worthy of me?”

Everyone’s complexion changed suddenly, and this kid dared to speak such a wild world! He doesn’t want to live anymore?

In the quiet courtyard, there was a dead silence.

Warnia also stood up in shock. As soon as she said this, it couldn’t be done right.

Jinghai was even more angry, and walked in front of Charlie step by step, and said: “I have seen many people in my life, but they are not like you, deliberately begging to die.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Who will live and die is not necessarily obvious.”

Jinghai had a murderous intent, and when his eyes were cold, he wanted to do it.

At this moment, a group of people suddenly broke into the door, aggressively.

The leader was Steven. He saw Charlie and immediately shouted: “Charlie, your magic stick, pretend to be a devil to deceive my Uncle! You lied to my family, stole money and used it at the auction to replenish your balance. It was at the expense of Master Jinghai to see through your trick! You should surrender your property now, otherwise my Qin family cannot spare you.”

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Gang and Aoxue walked in from the door. After hearing Steven’s scolding, it was too late to stop, and there was an embarrassment.

Charlie glanced at him lightly, but said nothing.

However, his glance made Qin Gang feel cold all over his body, and he was full of fear. He yelled at Steven and quickly explained to Charlie with a dry smile: “Mr. Wade, this is what happened.”

Qin Gang didn’t dare to conceal it, and explained what happened.

After Charlie finished listening, he just frowned slightly, and said coldly: “It’s more than one billion. If you regret it, the money can be refunded to you at any time.”

“Oh, Mr. Wade, don’t say that. How dare I ask Mr. Wade for a refund! I came here today. It was Qin who admired the prestige of Master Yes for a long time and wanted to see it.”

Qin Gang couldn’t figure out whether Charlie was capable or fudged, but he was also considered a smart person, so he wasn’t going to turn his face with Charlie right away.

Although he was complimenting him, he hesitated in his heart. He felt that Charlie couldn’t test the depth of this person by himself, so he might as well let Jinghai try.

If Charlie showed his feet in front of Jinghai, then he would naturally not be polite to him, and how much money he spent, even the profit would have to be vomited from his mouth.

So he sneered at Charlie himself and the others: “Then I won’t disturb Master Yes. I’ll talk about this later. You guys should be busy with the important things at hand and leave me alone.”

Steven wanted to speak angrily, but Qin Gang glared fiercely, and he not dared to speak any more.

When Jinghai saw this, he smiled at Qin Gang and said, “You just came here. I know your Qin family has been upset recently. Charlie also did the practice in your Qin family. I will try it with him today, by the way. Solve the problems for your Qin family! Charlie, if you dare to compete with me, not only will you undoubtedly die today, but afterwards, I will do everything to destroy you!”

Charlie frowned, and said with a sneer: “Since you want to die, it is your wish.”

Chapter 165