The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 150

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 150

The naturally formed jade embryo contains a certain amount of spiritual energy, Charlie thought to himself, this thing was just right for Qin Gang to practice evil spirits, and he immediately raised the card.

“900 thousand!”

But as soon as his voice fell, the familiar voice sounded again.


Charlie turned his head and met Steven’s provocative eyes.

He remained silent and continued to raise his placard.

“1.1 million!”


After several times, the price of Tian Huangyu embryos has doubled, and under Steven’s deliberate bidding, it has soared to 2 million!

Many people present also saw that Steven had begun to deliberately target Charlie again.

Everyone was waiting to watch another good show, so they stared at Charlie’s hand.

Charlie slowly raised his placard and said: “Twenty million!”

d*mn it!

The scene is crazy!

Two million is directly called 20 million? It’s the same as before, it’s directly increased ten times!

Steven’s face was extremely ugly.

Is this Charlie dying? Even if you have money, is that money not money? So corrupt?

He is a famous prodigal in Aurous Hill, but even he is not willing to buy something ten times the price.

He hesitated suddenly.

Follow or not?

Follow, then throw away more than 18 million for nothing.

If he doesn’t follow, Charlie is afraid that he will kill him, and these people are afraid that they will laugh at him.

He has lost face just now, and if Charlie takes it this time, it would be really shameless to come out!

Thinking of this, Steven gritted his teeth and blurted out: “I’m out of 20.1 million!”

There was an exclamation at the scene!

Steven added 100,000!

This is a challenge!

Charlie smiled slightly at this time, and raised his hand again: “I give out thirty million!”

“I go!!!”

“This f*cking crazy!!!”

“This buddy is too rigid!!!”

Two million is 20 million, and 20.1 million is 30 million. Charlie’s handwriting scared everyone on the scene.

Steven also collapsed!

What is Charlie doing? Is he really so rich? Thirty million! One can buy fifteen pieces of this jade! No matter who pays this price, it will be a big taker!

Charlie asked Steven again at this time: “Mr. Steven, come on, continue!”

Steven panicked.

30 million to buy a piece of jade, if he let the family know, he will die!

Sister Aoxue is afraid that he will be crippled for life.

But, so many people are watching

How to do it?

Steven’s face was red and white.

The auctioneer bid: “Thirty million once!”

“Thirty million twice!”

The lively audience at the scene began to shout:

“Mr. Steven bid!”

“Mr. Steven, you have to be hard!”

“Mr. Steven, don’t let us look down on you!”

“Mr. Steven, are you really persuaded? You just pretended to be so forceful, and now you are afraid?”

Charlie said with a smile: “Mr. Steven, if you don’t bid, you will lose!”

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