The Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 132

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Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law. At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the grandfather. They lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. The child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

Chapter 132

After returning home and putting her on the bed, he took the spell back from Claire’s body.

Immediately afterward, Claire woke up quietly.

“Husband!” Claire opened her eyes, saw Charlie’s face, and immediately assured him with ecstasy, and then she couldn’t help crying.

Charlie hurriedly comforted her: “It’s okay baby, don’t be afraid, your husband brought you home.”


Claire looked around now.

Realizing that it was the bedroom of Charlie and herself, she couldn’t help but ask: “Tianhao didn’t embarrass you, right?”

“No.” Charlie said: “Tianhao and his wife have become paraplegic, and the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group has also been razed to the ground. This means that many injustices will kill themselves.”

Claire was shocked: “How come? What is going on?”

Charlie smiled faintly: “I called a few friends to help and snatched you out. As a result, the Tianhao Building Materials Group, the entire office building, and the factory were all tofu projects. After they came out, one of their workshops exploded. The whole factory building was blown up, but unfortunately, you fell asleep at the time, otherwise, you could see the domino-like heroic scene!”

Claire couldn’t believe it: “A good factory, a workshop exploded, and it was razed to the ground?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded: “It’s so powerful! I think they are condemned by heaven!”

After all, he immediately quietly sent a message to Issac.

“Get the media, let them claim that Tianhao Building Materials Group caused a chain reaction because of the explosion in the workshop, and the factory collapsed!”

Issac immediately replied: “Don’t worry, young master, getting on the news right away!”

A few minutes later, Claire was still trying her best to recall the details before the coma, and her mobile phone suddenly received a lot of news notifications.

She glanced at the title, and she was stunned!

The news headline is all about the Aurous Hill Tianhao Building Materials Group’s accident. The accident led to the collapse of the engineering workshop of the whole plant. Several people died. The owner Tianhao and his wife were also seriously injured. The doctor said that he was afraid it was paraplegia!

Charlie said at this moment: “Here, I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

Only then did Claire believe it, and exclaimed: “He was a really evil and evil is rewarded!”

After speaking, she hurriedly asked Charlie: “When you came in, the bad guy didn’t do anything to me, right?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Your clothes were intact when I went. It was Tianhao’s wife who rushed to stop him from invading you.”

Claire shed two lines of tears: “Charlie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Silly girl, what are you talking about? I won’t blame you! It’s all me, your husband, who didn’t protect you well, and let this kind of bad guy come in and almost hurt you.”

Claire was so moved in her heart that she lightly hugged Charlie without saying a word.

At this moment, she realized that Charlie had extremely deep feelings for her, which made her feel a great sense of happiness in her heart.

One afternoon, Tianhao Building Materials Group was razed to the ground.

The entire upper class of Aurous Hill was in an uproar.

Although the news is said to be an accident to the outside world, none of them will believe this kind of rhetoric.

Everyone immediately began to speculate as to which big man did it.

Think about it, almost no one in Aurous Hill can do this.

Who is the one?

Everyone immediately began to think of many clues about Aurous Hill recently.

More than a dozen Rolls Royces, more than 10 million in cash to buy jadeite, became a mysterious god-level rich man who became popular on YouTube;

Acquired the Emgrand Group and threw 2 billion to build a six-star hotel, the Emgrand chairman;

The mysterious person who entrusted the Shangri-La Hanging Garden and held the wedding ceremony for two people in unprecedented history;

And this big man who razed Tianhao Building Materials Group to the ground in one afternoon

All these clues all point to one person!

The only possibility for these clues is the mysterious chairman of the Emgrand Group!

Besides him, who else has this ability?

This time, the identity of the chairman of Emgrand Group in Aurous Hill has become even more unfathomable!

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