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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 999 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 999 Start

Seeing Jacob so decisive, Elaine said angrily: “Okay, you can’t live with me, right? Yes, then you can live without me for two years, and then go to the court to sue for divorce.”

As she said, Elaine snorted and said, “But Jacob, I can tell you in advance that I am a very careful person. If you divorce me, let me know that you are better than me and more comfortable than me. Then I may be uncomfortable!”

“You know what I will do when I feel uncomfortable, you know better than anyone else, and I will definitely make you feel more uncomfortable than me, so that my heart can be balanced!”

“In other words, if you dare to find a little vixen outside and live secretly at that time, then I must confuse your good things, and then I haunt you every day. I am your ghost, I am Your shadow, you will never get rid of me!”

When Jacob heard this, his soul was frightened!

According to Elaine’s words, even if he bears her for two years and finally can dissolve the marriage, she is not going to let him go…

If he is with Meiqing at that time, once Elaine knows about it, wouldn’t she still be crazy?

She still doesn’t know anything about Meiqing, she will haunt her every day as her own ghost.

At that time, if she knows about Meiqing, or even know that he’s with Meiqing, then she can cut him to death with a knife?

Moreover, not only is it impossible for him to let go of her, it is also impossible for him to let go of Meiqing.

After all, she has always regarded Meiqing as her worst enemy for decades.

Given her style of acting as the number one vixen in Aurous Hill, how could Meiqing be her opponent?

At that time, she might end-up hurting him and hurt Meiqing, and it will be a mess by then.

Thinking of this, Jacob almost cried anxiously.

He desperately asked himself in his heart: “Can’t I be with Meiqing in my life? Can’t I find my own happiness? Will I have to live with such a b*tch in this life?”

Thinking of this, he had the heart to die.

Elaine looked like a winner, and said triumphantly: “I tell you Jacob, you will never get rid of me in your life unless I die! But even if I die before you, I will take you before death. If you walk with me, you will never be left alone in this world.”

Jacob trembled with anger, almost unable to stand up. He roared with great indignation: “Elaine, you…you…you stinky lady, you are simply a beast! How can there be a brazen person like you in the world?!”

“What?” Elaine raised her eyebrows: “What’s wrong with a person like me? Don’t someone like me still marry you and have children? Do you think I, Elaine, is what you dump whenever you want ?”

Jacob was so angry that Elaine cried, and said in a choked voice: “The last thing I regret in my life is marrying you! If I knew you were such a shrew, even if you put a knife on my neck, I would not marry. You come in!”

Elaine suddenly sneered: “Oh, what does your regret of marrying me have to do with whether I am a shrew? Do you think I don’t know why you regret this old thing?”

“Don’t you just regret not being with Meiqing? Don’t you regret that you didn’t get back Meiqing in time?”

“You ate the bowl yourself, looked at the pan, and regretted now that you said it was because I was a shrew? In front of the girl, you touched your own conscience and said, are you shameless?”

“You…” Jacob was suffocated to death.

People like Elaine have this ability. She can accurately find the most hurtful language under any circumstances and launch the most brutal attack.

Jacob had realized at this time that he was not the opponent of this shrew at all.

Thinking that his life was so gloomy, and it seemed that there would be no day in the future, he fell to the ground like a child and started to cry.

Unlike the crying method that Elaine used to cry, Jacob’s cry is really sad for the listener and tears for the listener.