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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 998 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 998 Start

Charlie smiled and said, “What kind of person mother is, don’t you know? She will make short-term pains from the labors, and short-term pains will be caused by her to grow up. Even if dad wants to divorce her, I’m afraid It’s not that easy.”

Claire was stunned suddenly, her heart was full of enlightenment.

With the mother’s temper and character, even if the father wants to divorce, it is difficult to get what he wants.

Thinking of this, she also suddenly realized that her mother’s death-seeking thing was probably still acting.

So she was also relieved.

As soon as the BMW drove into the villa, they heard Elaine cursing on the street: “Jacob, you despondent [email protected], I have suffered so much for you and suffered so much, so you still have to divorce me.”

Charlie and Claire got out of the car, and as soon as they entered the door, they saw Elaine standing in the living room, cursing shamelessly.

Because Elaine’s two front teeth were still missing, she leaked when she spoke. When she got excited, it not only leaked the wind, but also kept spitting out.

Jacob deliberately kept a distance of more than five meters from her at this time, and said angrily: “Don’t tell me those useless things, I’m broke with you now, there is no other choice except divorce!”

Elaine scolded, “Dog stuff, you are simply dreaming! I tell you, I am dead, I will not divorce you!”

Jacob said angrily: “You wait, I will go to the court to sue tomorrow.”

Elaine scolded angrily: “You f*cking bluff me? Do you think that the court is yours, you can get a divorce if you go to prosecute? I tell you, in order to prevent you from doing this, inquired about it many years ago. As long as I disagree with the divorce, the court will not be able to sentence us to divorce for no reason!”

Jacob said angrily: “I have no relationship with you anymore. A marriage without an emotional basis will be sentenced by law!”

Elaine said triumphantly: “Cut, what if there is no emotional foundation? I tell you, the relevant laws have regulations. Even if there is no emotional foundation, you must have separated for two years before you can be sentenced to divorce!”

Jacob was taken aback, and immediately stomped his heart, and said, “Then…then…then I will be separated from you now, and counting from now, two years later, if you don’t leave, you will also have to leave!”

Elaine curled her lips and said, “You want to separate with me, right? I tell you, two people live in a house and sleep in separate rooms. This is not separation. If you want to separate, you can get out of the Tomson Villa. Live in a house!”

After speaking, Elaine said again: “You can move back to the old house alone!”

“Go and go!” Jacob gritted his teeth: “As long as I can get rid of you as a b*tch, even if I go to sleep in the bridge hole for two years, I am willing!”

Elaine waved her hand: “Then you get out quickly, get out now, get out to somewhere!”

After speaking, Elaine threatened: “Your front foot is gone, and my back foot chopped the furniture that your father left behind and burned wood!”

“You…” Jacob shivered angrily: “What is the difference between your approach and that of a beast?”

Elaine hummed: “You care so much, don’t you want to move out? Hurry up, go now!”

Jacob suddenly became dumbfounded.

He really wanted to separate from Elaine, but he was really reluctant to leave Tomson First Grade.

This big villa with elevator is so cool to live in. After living here, look at the small house before, it is no different from the chicken coop.

But now that he has only lived here for a few days, if he let himself move out, then he really feel a little unwilling.

Claire watched the two talking, arguing incessantly, and said helplessly: “Dad, Mom! I haven’t had a good day, why you started to make trouble again?”

Elaine said, “I want to live a good life, but your dad doesn’t want to.”

Jacob blurted out: “I have nothing to do with you, I can’t go together anymore!”

Charlie knew very well in his heart that the Old Master must want to stay and fly with Meiqing, but what he thought was too beautiful. Doesn’t he have any compelling numbers in his heart because of his wife?