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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 991 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 991 Start

The heartless Jiang Ming, when he left Zhao Zhuo’s dormitory, suddenly felt a little guilty for him.

He thinks that people like Zhao Zhuo, although hateful, are really pitiful.

He is an orphan without a father and no mother. After so many years of hard work, he hasn’t come up with anything. In the end, he found a girlfriend.

If he knew that his girlfriend was enjoying herself under other men when his girlfriend called and scolded him, what kind of mood would he be in?

Moreover, he just emptied all of his wealth.

He was also given a loan of more than 500,000, all of which were usury without exception.

It is estimated that in a week, he will have to pay back at least one million.

It is estimated that after a month, he will have at least several million.

By that time, he might be desperate, right?

However, he is also a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, and he cannot protect himself.

No way, if one of the two people must die, he hopes that the other person will die.

Moreover, he hasn’t gone ashore yet!

If you want to go ashore, at least you have to get hundreds of thousands more.

Thinking of this, he no longer sympathized with Zhao Zhuo.

Regardless of him, let’s live alive.

At this moment, at the dining table of the Hyatt Hotel, Jiang Ming has become the target of the thousands.

Even the few followers before him all hated him one by one.

While everyone looked down on Jiang Ming, they admired Charlie very much.

After all, he can donate 1 million to the orphanage at his fingertips, certainly not just 1 million.

Everyone realized that they had looked down on Charlie before.

In order to curry favor with Charlie, many people kept saying kind words, toasting him, complimenting him, and even kneeling and licking him.

Charlie didn’t have any arrogance, but he was not too humble. He always maintained a calm mentality, which made people feel a little unpredictable.

Zhao Hao has been waiting for everyone to finish Charlie’s praise. He picked up a glass of wine and said seriously: “Charlie, thank you for all this for the orphanage, I toast you a glass!”

Charlie looked at him and nodded gently.