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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 990 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 990 Start

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly said: “We have known each other for three years and have been together for two years.”

Jiang Ming asked again: “Then how did you two meet?”

Zhao Zhuo smiled and said: “At that time, I wanted to enter a company, and I needed to ask people to do things, and they asked me to take two soft China.”

“I wondered how expensive this soft China is. One piece is several hundred and two pieces are more than one thousand. Then I wanted to look for it and see if anyone could sell it cheaper, but I searched it online, hey, There is really a cheap one, Juan! She sells smuggled soft China, only two hundred!”

After listening to Jiang Ming, his face was extremely embarrassed, and he asked, “Excellent, I ask you, where are Chinese cigarettes made?”

Zhao Zhuo subconsciously said: “China.”

Jiang Ming nodded and said, “Why can you buy Chinese-made cigarettes in China, but still smuggled?”

Zhao Zhuo frowned and said, “Hey, Brother Jiang Ming, what you said is really interesting. I don’t think I understand. Maybe Juan has some other channels?”

Jiang Ming sighed and asked, “I’ll ask you again, you bought two pieces of Soft China from your girlfriend, and they were smuggled. Then finally, did you get the job done?”

“No.” As soon as Zhao Zhuo thought of this, he said distressedly: “At that time, the cigarette was passed, and then there was no more information. Later, I called and asked people, but he blocked my phone. This is what happened. Now I still remember that on the fifteenth day of the lunar new year, I have to buy twos of paper money and burn it on the side of the road, cursing the fool who lied to me two cigarettes to die sooner.”

“You’re really a god…” Jiang Ming rubbed his temples, and he finally knew why Zhao Zhuo was so hanging.

So he asked: “Excellent, you have been with your girlfriend for two years, have you had any relationship?”

Zhao Zhuo blushed and said shyly: “I want it to happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. Juan told me that she wants to save her most precious first night until the day of her wedding, and I respect her decision.”

Jiang Ming scratched his hair and asked him: “Then you didn’t hear what was wrong with the sound she made when she called? Under what circumstances would a woman make such a sound? Ah, the sound of the creaking mattress, think about it carefully, think about the Japanese movies you may have seen, the ones with few people and simple scenes, usually the ones with one man and one woman.”

Jiang Ming wanted to click on Zhao Zhuo. He felt that he was just talking about it. It’s impossible for Zhao Zhuo to understand it?

But he didn’t expect that after hearing his problem, Zhao Zhuo said with a serious face: “Of course a woman would make such a sound when her waist was twisted and she needed to practice her waist in bed.”

After that, Zhao Zhuo said distressedly: “It’s a pity that my dormitory is too far from her home, otherwise I will buy two packs of plasters and send them to her.”

Jiang Ming sneered and said: “Also buy a hairy plaster, just buy two boxes of Yuting, otherwise there may be something wrong.”

“What?” Zhao Zhuo hurriedly asked, “What is Yuting? Is it for waist treatment? Isn’t it good? Is it expensive? How much is a box?”

“Come on.” Jiang Ming waved his hand and said: “You can stay at home first, I have to go, I will handle the fund business as soon as possible. If no accident, you can get the money after a week!”