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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 99 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 99 Start

The next day is the weekend.

Charlie was pulled by the Old Master and drove to the Antique Street early.

The Old Master was refreshed, and he waved to Charlie when he got out of the car, “come, I will show you what it means to pick up a fortune.”

After that, strode to Antique Street.

Charlie had to walk quickly to keep up, looking around as he walked.

On weekends, there are a lot more people on Antique Street than usual.

The antique jade shops on both sides are very dense, and the vendors who come out to set up stalls are also densely packed, and the whole street is blocked.

There are also many vendors who just spread a plastic sheet on the ground, filled with various antiques and jade, to welcome guests on the spot.

Charlie glanced casually, and almost didn’t see any genuine products. They were all used by black-hearted vendors to trick laymen and foreign tourists.

Many tourists who bought the fakes were completely blindfolded, holding the imitations and grinning, thinking that they were taking a big advantage.

“right here!”

Jacob stopped and stood in front of a simple stall, his expression unable to hide his excitement.

There were a few tourists standing next to the stall, picking antiques, Jacob hurried into the crowd for fear of falling behind.

Charlie glanced, this stall was nothing more than spreading a piece of oiled paper on the ground and placed dozens of antiques stained with mud, such as blue and white horses, five emperors copper coins, copper wine cups, blood jade bracelets, yellowed calligraphy, and paintings.

There was a dazzling array of things, but Charlie just took a casual look and found that these were all fakes.

The stall owner was a thin, dark-skinned man. He was wearing a coarse blue cloth. His hair was greasy and disheveled. He grew a simple and honest appearance. He looked dull and dull.

“Look at this!” Jacob greeted Charlie excitedly. He pointed to a colorful bottle with a big mouth and said in a low voice: “This is the wine bottle set with my two glasses! I bought it back and made one. Set, the price can be doubled!”

Charlie glanced at the wine bottle, held it in his hand, and raised his head to ask the boss.

“how much is it?”

The boss stared and blistered, and said dumbly: “My father said, at least 20,000, less than a cent will not be sold!”

When Jacob heard this, he almost laughed, and said to Charlie quickly: “This boss doesn’t know the goods, let’s buy them quickly, so as not to be picked up by others.”

After speaking, he hurriedly paid for it.

At this moment, Charlie swiftly held his hand and smiled: “Dad, this thing is not worth 20,000, let’s not buy it.”

“What?” Jacob was taken aback, “Then how much do you think it is worth?”

Charlie stretched out his hand and shook it in front of the boss: “This number.”

“Five thousand?” the boss asked, staring.

Charlie shook his head: “No, it’s fifty.”

The boss stared at Charlie for several seconds like looking at an alien, and suddenly shouted: “Do you know the goods? This is an antique left by my grandfather. It is a genuine treasure. You people in the city are too bullying. .”

Jacob was also anxious and pulled Charlie a hand: “Don’t talk nonsense, be careful of messing up the business.”

Charlie smiled, picked up the bottle and turned it over, pulled the yellow mud on the bottom of the bottle with his hand, pointed to the middle of a slit, and said, “Dad, look at what this is.”

The slit is extremely small. If it weren’t for Charlie pointed out, ordinary people would not see it at all. In the slit, a row of very small English letters appeared.

“Made in China.”

Jacob was stunned, his mouth opened so that he could lay an egg, and he couldn’t react for a long time.

Suddenly, he recovered, his face flushed, pointing to the boss and yelling.

“You, you are cheating!!”

Charlie took the wine bottle, shook it to the boss, and said, “The manufacturer dare not blatantly forge antiques. You have written this sign deliberately. You are quite clever. You know that you can block it with mud. In one sentence, thirty, can you sell it?”


The boss was stunned for a moment, suddenly all the honesty on his face disappeared, and he slapped his forehead with a smile.