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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 989 Free Novel

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At this moment, that Juan on the other side of the phone suddenly uttered a very strange scream, which made Jiang Ming feel the blood rushing straight down.

He was so familiar with this sound, isn’t this the sound a woman makes when she is happiest?

At this time, Zhao Zhuo felt very distressed and said, “Good dear, since you are so uncomfortable, then stop practicing. If it gets worse, you will feel distressed.”

The Juan’s voice groaned unbearably, and hurriedly asked him: “Zhao Zhuo, are you…are you okay? If you want nothing…then… …. Then I’ll hang up first, I…I’m training at the most critical moment here, and I can’t stop, ah… once I stop, It will waste all the work… ..”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly said proudly: “Juan, let me tell you the good news. I have a good buddy who has given me a clear path. He can introduce me to a wealth management fund, which can generate 20 income in one week. Would you like to ask if your mother is interested?”

Juan blurted out: “Zhao Zhuo, you have no brains, right? What is the current economic situation? Your annualized income is less than 3, so if you have friends, you have 20 in a week. Revenue channel? What the h*ll is it?”

Zhao Zhuo became anxious when he heard this, and blurted out: “Juan, my friend is amazing. He drives the Phaeton. Did you know that the Phaeton? Volkswagen’s most expensive car is more than 2 million. Inviting us to dinner today, a meal cost 100,000.”

Juan scolded contemptuously: “You can still know such a rich person, and you can still get 100,000 for a meal. Do you think I am a child and believe anything?”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly said: “Juan, what I’m telling you is the truth. I will tell you that I will be able to afford the betrothal soon, and I will be able to make enough money soon, and you will never have to spend every day selling cigarettes and e-cigarette cartridges in the circle of friends! I will treat you well in the future, support you, and let you live a good life.”

When the other party heard this, she immediately said angrily: “Why? I listen to what you mean, you look down on my Mom? What happened to me selling cigarettes and electronic cigarettes? I can easily earn 5000 a month, occasionally If you meet a generous customer, if I please him, I may receive more than 10,000 a month, and you don’t even have 3,000 in a month’s salary. You still brag about raising me and letting me live a good life?”

Zhao Zhuo said emotionally: “Juan, I don’t look down on you. I think that the things you sell are smuggled goods, which is always not a way. What if you are caught by the police someday?

Juan said angrily: “You’re so f*cking cursing me here, hurry up and hang up now!”

After speaking, she immediately hung up the phone.

Zhao Zhuo looked at Jiang Ming with some embarrassment, and blurted out: “I’m sorry, my girlfriend may not believe you a little bit, but she hasn’t seen you this time. If she had seen you, she must I’ll believe you! Or let’s make some time tomorrow and I will show you to meet her, you tell her the details in person!”

Jiang Ming waved his hand immediately and blurted out: “Farewell, farewell! Let’s forget about it. She doesn’t believe it. It can only prove that she has no idea with the money, and we should not force it.”

In fact, Jiang Ming knew very well in his heart that just by listening to Juan on the phone, he knew that this woman was definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp.

She is able to cheat on other men while answering her boyfriend’s phone calls, and also scolds her boyfriend like a idiot. Is such a sturdy and fearless gameplay ordinary people? This shows that this girl must be very powerful!

Among other things, as far as her broken mouth is concerned, it is estimated that one can count as ten!

If she really met him and he let her know that Zhao Zhuo had given him 620,000, then she would definitely try her best to get the money back.

So he cleared his throat, looked at Zhao Zhuo with some embarrassment, and asked tentatively, “How long have you known your girlfriend?”