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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 988 Free Novel

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He found that the interest rates of these loan apps were very high, and some even reached seven out of seven and thirteen, which is just one week. If you want to borrow 70,000 from them, you will have to repay 130,000 in one week!

This interest alone has nearly doubled.

Zhao Zhuo couldn’t help asking Jiang Ming with some worry: “Brother Jiang Ming, the interest rates of these loan apps are too high, and they are all equal to your financial management income. If I borrow money from here to manage financial affairs, wouldn’t it be helpful for all these apps? Will it work?”

Jiang Ming waved his hand indifferently, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, the loan apps I recommend to you are all operated by my friends. You seem to have high interest rates, but in fact, I will call them. The interest can be eliminated!”

After that, Jiang Ming said again: “The reason why such a high interest rate is displayed on the app is because they must ensure that all users look the same on the surface, but the actual operation is much more complicated. Understand, just listen to my arrangements.”

Zhao Zhuo has been hanging around for half his life, and he has never seen any money, nor has he seized any opportunity to make money, so he now regards Jiang Ming as his only life-saving straw.

Therefore, he just wanted to catch him tightly, without any doubt about his words.

As a result, Zhao Zhuo, under the supervision of Jiang Ming, borrowed nearly 500,000 from more than a dozen loan apps.

He did not calculate how much interest is needed for this 500,000.

Because Jiang Ming told him that he didn’t need to pay the 500,000 one cent in interest.

After that, Zhao Zhuo transferred the money from the loan and all his deposits, which totaled 620,000 in total, to Jiang Ming.

This person who would rather take advantage of death did not expect that because of his love to take advantage, a huge pit had already trapped him.

Jiang Ming got 620,000 and was very excited.

However, the money was not enough for him to solve his troubles.

Because he lost 100,000 for his meal today, and now there is at least a shortfall of five to six hundred thousand.

So he immediately said to Zhao Zhuo: “Hurry up and give your girlfriend a call and tell her you have a financial channel that can earn 20 a week. Ask her mother if she would like to buy some financial management from you.”

Zhao Zhuo nodded hurriedly, and then called his girlfriend.

As soon as the call was made, Zhao Zhuo immediately said excitedly: “What are you doing, Juan?”

His girlfriend on the other end of the phone made a weird hum and said, “I…I…I’m at home, ah…what’s wrong… …what?”

Zhao Zhuo heard the strange hum and felt a little surprised, so he subconsciously asked: “Juan, what is your voice over there?”

Zhao Zhuo’s girlfriend said, “Oh, I…I have a backache and I am a bit uncomfortable. I am practicing waist twisting on the bed…”

As she said, she let out a soft snort of pain and enjoyment.

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly asked with concern: “Juan, are you okay? If you have a waist injury, don’t practice twisting your waist anymore. If it gets worse, you will be in trouble.”

There was a creaking sound on the other end of the phone, as if the mattress was constantly being hit hard.

Jiang Ming on the side was extremely shocked.

Because he has already heard that the other party’s voice is not right, there is a possibility of 99, this girl is having something like that with other men!

But this Zhao Zhuo’s forehead is so green, why doesn’t it feel at all?

Couldn’t he notice it?

Although this person is too greedy for petty and cheap, he is not so lacking in IQ, right?