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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 986 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 986 Start

Especially Jiang Ming, even more dazed.

what’s the situation? 2 million really arrived?

Isn’t Charlie a stinking son-in-law who eats soft rice? Where does he get so much money? !

Others also realized that they had underestimated Charlie before. They really didn’t expect that even though Charlie was a son-in-law, he actually had so much energy.

Not only can he donate 1 million scary things at his fingertips, his friend, he heard that he donated 1 million, and he has no relatives with the orphanage, but he is willing to donate 1 million more. What kind of friend is this? So awesome?

At this moment, Charlie stood up, looked at Jiang Ming with a shocked and flustered face, and said: “Jiang Ming, everyone’s mobile phones may still be recording images. Now my 1 million has already arrived, your 10 million. Well, when will it arrive?”

Jiang Ming was completely confused at this time, let alone let him donate 10 million, he may not even be able to get 100,000 now.

And more importantly, he still has a big hole waiting for him to fill in. If he can’t fill this big hole, he may be broken into pieces.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ming was also very clear that he would not be able to win anyway, and he had already lost his face today, and he couldn’t get it back if he wanted to go back.

So his old face was stubborn, and he said to Charlie: “Charlie, since you are so rich, it’s better to take it out and let me help you manage your finances. I can double it in a week!”

Charlie smiled and asked, “Why? Don’t you donate 10 million?”

Jiang Ming said embarrassingly: “You are joking, even if I am a good mess, I don’t have that much money. Today, I didn’t know Your excellency. Please forgive me and don’t be like me.”

Others sneered and said: “Jiang Ming, you are too much. Charlie has already donated 1 million. Even Charlie’s friends have donated 1 million. You should also cash in. Isn’t it a promise? Even if you don’t have 10 million, even if you donate 1 million, it’s fair enough!”

Jiang Ming’s face was very ugly, but even now, even if his face was flushed from the beat, he didn’t dare to pretend to be forced.

After all, these people have made videos. If he still keeps pretending to be compelling at this time, then this video will be released, and he will really have no face in the future.

So he had no choice but to fight, slapped himself a few times, and said guiltily: “I admit, I am damned, I pretend to be forced, I don’t have so much money but I have a swollen face to fill a fat man, I’m sorry!”

When he said this, Jiang Ming was very depressed.

He felt that, just now, Zhao Zhuo, who was also about to talk to his own financial investment fund, and one or two other small partners, saw that he was exposed now, and he would definitely not play with him again.

In this way, he really doesn’t know where to go to get money to buy the Phaeton for Abner.

Thinking of this, he had no face to stay here anymore, hurriedly got up, and said in a panic: “Sorry, everyone, I have something to do, I will go…”

After speaking, he got up and ran out.

Seeing his embarrassed look when he ran away, everyone felt disgusted. He just pretended to be so slippery, and now he ran away like a dog! The money was not donated, which is really disgusting.

Seeing him running away, Zhao Hao couldn’t help sighing, “Charlie, you shouldn’t let him run! You should hold him here and force him to donate the money!”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “Then I have become a wicked person? It’s okay, let him go, the wicked have their own wickedness.”

Zhao Zhuo, who loves to take advantage, saw Jiang Ming run away, and his heart was tense.

As soon as he left, Ronnel, the dog-legged man before Jiang Ming, said contemptuously: “I can see through this Jiang Ming, he loves to pretend! d*mn, he hit someone else’s Phaeton and knelt on the ground and cried like a dog. Here, he still has the face to say that Phaeton belongs to him. It’s really rubbish. I must draw a line with this stupid guy in the future!”

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly asked: “He hit someone else’s Phaeton? What is going on?!”