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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 985 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 985 Start

Charlie didn’t expect that when he said he would donate to the orphanage, Paul also donated 1 million.

He wanted to tell him that this is not necessary, but Paul has hung up the phone over there.

Seeing that the phone had been hung up, Charlie had no choice but to put it away. At the same time, he felt more and more that Paul, this kid, was indeed on the road, and he would have the opportunity to take him in the future.

After hanging up the phone, Charlie said to Aunt Lena, “Aunt Lena, my friend will immediately transfer the money to our orphanage’s account. Please tell the financial institution of our orphanage and pay attention to the account information, but the amount is not 1 million.”

Jiang Ming didn’t wait for Charlie to finish speaking, he laughed and said: “Haha Charlie, you are confessing, shouldn’t you just let your friends donate 10,000, then you are really embarrassed! Don’t forget that everyone is still recording.”

Charlie sneered and said, “Could you not be so anxious and wait until I have finished speaking before you speak up?”

Jiang Ming waved his hand and said loudly: “You say it, let you say it, you say it aloud, say it for everyone!”

Charlie ignored him, looking at Aunt Lena and said seriously: “Aunt Lena, the amount is indeed not 1 million, but 2 million, because my friend heard that I want to donate to the orphanage, he also added 1 million. “

Everyone was surprised!

What kind of friend is this? They heard that his friend is donating, and he is donating 1 million, so he also donated 1 million?

This person is not sick, or else he is too rich and burnt!

Or Charlie bragging.

Jiang Ming sneered and said: “Charlie, but more and more admire your bragging ability, Your excellency collapsed in front of the front, and did not change the color, said that a person like you, you are really a person doing big things!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t jump to conclusions in a hurry. Otherwise, how can you step down after the money arrives?”

Jiang Ming said coldly: “Save it, this kind of awesomeness won’t last too long. If the money doesn’t reach the account later, where do you put this face?”

As soon as this was finished, Aunt Lena received a call.

She saw that it was a call from the finance department, and hurriedly said: “It is the finance department of our orphanage who called me. Could it be that Charlie’s donation has arrived?”

“Cut!” Jiang Ming said with a curled lips: “It may be there by then, but it will only be ten to twenty thousand at most, not more.”

Aunt Lena answered the phone, turned on the speaker, and asked: “Hey, Accountant, is there anything wrong? Calling so late?”

Accountant’s voice came from the other end of the phone. She was very excited and said: “Sister Lena, I just received a text message. Someone made 2 million donations to the charity account of our orphanage!”

Aunt Lena exclaimed: “Is it here so soon?!”

Accountant hurriedly asked: “Aunt Lena, do you know the situation of the 2 million? Who is so generous? Donated so much money to us?”

Aunt Lena said excitedly: “It’s Charlie! Do you remember Charlie from our orphanage?”

“Charlie?!” Accountant exclaimed: “Really it was Charlie’s donation? My God, Charlie is really promising now!”

Aunt Lena was also very pleased and said: “Charlie has heard that in our orphanage recently arrived so many children. Knowing that we are in financial difficulties, so he donated a million!”

“And his friends also donated one million for his face, a total of 2 million!”

The other party said excitedly: “Oh, this time we can really relax. We can buy some delicious food for the children, and we can buy some new clothes for the children when it is cold, and then we can enjoy the play in our orphanage. The facilities can be changed. Those amusement facilities have been used many years ago!”

Everyone present was stunned.