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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 983 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 983 Start

When Jiang Ming heard that Charlie said that he would donate one million, he naturally didn’t believe 10,000. He sneered and said, “Charlie, you brag about not writing drafts. You donated one million to the orphanage, saying that you would die and suffer. Don’t admit it yet, can you give out a million?”

Charlie said lightly: “Since I have said it, I will definitely honor it. I can’t do the same as you, find a place to get out of a car accident!”

Jiang Ming knew that Charlie was deliberately mocking him, and when he thought about the crash, he hated it.

He knew that this was the case. He really didn’t want to make a fool of himself. He would donate a car in a big deal. Is it better than now?

Look at how heavy the loss is now!

However, he still didn’t believe that Charlie could donate 1 million.

So he sneered and said: “Don’t think I don’t know what virtue you are now, a live-in son-in-law who depends on his wife to raise, how can you get so much money to grab the bank?”

Ronnel on the side also said to help: “Charlie, don’t put on a swollen face to fill a fat man. What is the meaning of pretending? Do whatever you can do as much as you can. Don’t go bankrupt just to pretend. Come on us again!”

Charlie smiled indifferently: “You don’t care whether I rob the bank or something. I can still take out one million in total, but you, if I can donate one million, how much do you donate?”

Jiang Ming laughed and said: “If you can donate 1 million, I can donate 10 million. Who can brag about it? You just have a long mouth, right?”

The whole table burst into laughter.

Because everyone felt that Charlie was dying to face and suffer.

To say that Charlie donated one hundred and eighty thousand, some people believe that, after all, his wife is very good and also used a BMW, and the family should not be short of this money.

But to say donate one million is a bit unrealistic, even selling that BMW is not enough!

Among these people, only Aunt Lena, Xiaofen and his wife Claire can truly trust Charlie.

Aunt Lena and Xiaofen both knew Charlie’s character. If something was unsure, he would definitely not say it.

As for Claire, she was already quite familiar.

Charlie usually shows people a feng shui, can earn more than two million back, and donate one million to the orphanage at once, which is also a breeze.

But she asked Charlie in a low voice: “Charlie, are you carrying me again and secretly showing others Feng Shui?”

Charlie nodded, and said with a hippie smile: “It’s Aunt’s son, Paul, this guy brought the law firm to our Aurous Hill, right? Asked me to have a look at Feng Shui, and I went.”

Claire said embarrassingly: “You lie to acquaintances too? Is it appropriate?”

“How can this be called a lie?” Charlie said earnestly: “You think I would?!”

Claire was helpless and asked, “How much did you ask for?”

Charlie smiled: “One million.”

Claire rubbed her temples: “You are so dark… there are so many more acquaintances…”

In fact, Claire didn’t know that Paul gave Charlie 10 million in total.

However, this 10 million was given in two penalties.

First gave a check for 1 million.

Then he made up another check for 9 million.

Charlie originally thought that even if all 10 million were donated to the orphanage, it didn’t really matter.