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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 981 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 981 Start

The invoice is the only proof of reimbursement.

Because of this, Jiang Ming was furious after hearing that the invoice was driven away by Charlie.

He just waited for this invoice to go to the company for reimbursement. If Charlie doesn’t hand in the invoice, not only would he not earn money for his meal, but he would also lose 100,000. Isn’t that making him worse?

Thinking of this, he rushed back to the dinner table angrily, and when he saw Charlie he asked, “Charlie, did you go to the front desk to secretly issue an invoice? Hurry up and hand me the invoice!”

Charlie said indifferently: “This meal is the money we spent. What happened to my invoice? After all, I have 100,000 here. You won’t forget it?”

“You…” Jiang Ming was choked with speechlessness. After a while, he could only say angrily: “You don’t work or start a company. What do you do with invoices?”

Charlie said with a smile: “You don’t know many restaurants nowadays. They deliberately refuses to issue invoices to guests. If he does not issue invoices, the state tax authorities will not know how much money he has made. In this case, he does not have to contribute to the country or Pay taxes.”

After that, Charlie looked around and said to everyone: “However, as law-abiding citizens of the country, paying taxes according to the law is our obligation. It is also our obligation to supervise the hotel to pay taxes in accordance with the law. Am I right!”

Everyone nodded.

Xiaofen said: “The restaurants are the most thief. If you don’t issue invoices, they won’t have to pay taxes at all. They must issue invoices in accordance with the law before they can pay taxes to the treasury.”

Zhao Hao agrees and said: “The catering industry is still very profitable. It is impossible to justify tax evasion and tax theft.”

Zhao Zhuo on the side laughed and said: “You can also talk to the hotel. If it doesn’t issue a ticket, it will give you a part of the discount, or send you some drinks. I usually go to the restaurant for dinner. If they don’t invoice me, they asked them if I want a Coke, anyway, I can’t suffer.”

Charlie snorted: “Zhao Zhuo, Zhao Zhuo, you are still smart! I want to learn more from you!”

Zhao Zhuo thought that Charlie was complimenting him, snorted, and said, “Tell you, this is the wisdom of life.”

Jiang Ming looked at Charlie with a dark face, and said coldly: “Don’t talk about that useless, it’s useless if you want an invoice, give me the invoice!”

“Why?” Charlie asked coldly, “I want an invoice to be useless, can it be useful if you want an invoice? We all come out for dinner, don’t you still want to take the invoice to the company for reimbursement?”

Jiang Ming was suddenly caught up in what Charlie said. He was a little flustered on the surface, and hurriedly said: “You’re so f*cking nonsense, I think the same as you, I have issued an invoice so that the hotel can pay taxes according to law! “

Charlie nodded, gave a thumbs up, and said, “I didn’t expect that Jiang Ming, you are also such a responsible citizen! Not bad, not bad, I give you a thumbs up.”

As he said, he took out the invoice from his pocket and said: “This invoice is written on my personal head, which means that this item cannot be reimbursed, but as long as the invoice is issued, the restaurant will pay taxes, so Jiang Ming You don’t have to worry about it. The tax they should pay for this meal is 200,000.

Jiang Ming was anxious and blurted out: “Who told you to raise your head personally?!”

The invoice was issued and the head was raised. Even if I get this invoice, I couldn’t use it for reimbursement. It seemed that Jiang Mingqi’s lungs would explode.

Charlie said with a smile at this time: “You didn’t say that you can’t issue invoices. Besides, as I said just now, this meal is half of you and half of me. Everyone has the right to issue invoices. Pay attention to one first come first.”

With that, Charlie said with a magnificent expression: “Well, let’s not invoice for anyone, who didn’t invoice. This is a trivial matter. Anyway, this meal is for everyone to eat instead of asking for it. Everyone will look for the company or someone for reimbursement after eating. I will tear off this invoice in front of everyone. Don’t ask for either of us. Isn’t that okay?”

Before Jiang Ming came back to his senses, Charlie immediately tore up the invoice.

Seeing this invoice torn to pieces by Charlie, Jiang Ming felt his heart dripping with blood.

It’s over, this is over, this meal was worth 100,000!