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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 979 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 979 Start

When everyone was enjoying a 200,000 meal, Charlie went to the front desk and said to the front desk clerk: “Hello, I am a guest at Table 03 in the lobby, please give me an invoice.”

The waiter hurriedly asked respectfully: “Hello, sir, is it the table with 200,000 consumption?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded.

The waiter asked again: “Do you issue a company or personal invoice?”

Charlie said: “Let’s start a man.”

“Okay, sir, would you please leave your name?”

Charlie nodded and said, “The leaves of leaves, the stars of stars.”

The waiter hurriedly manipulated the computer, and then put the invoice into the invoice printer.

With a sizzling sound, a catering invoice with Charlie’s name and the amount of 200,000 was printed out.

Charlie got the invoice and checked it. After confirming that there was no problem with the invoice, he thanked the waiter and turned back.

At the same time, he sneered in his heart, Jiang Ming, you must have never thought that I would act first, right?

Then he returned to the dinner table and continued to eat with everyone.

Claire on the side asked him in a low voice: “Charlie, tell me the truth, are you holding back some bad eyes?”

Charlie said, “No, I’m such a good person, what kind of bad eyes can I hold back?”

Claire lowered his voice and said, “I always feel that your meal seems to be calculating Jiang Ming…”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Good wife, you are right!”

Claire chuckled and nodded, “This kind of person is really annoying, I support you!”

Charlie smiled: “Really my good wife!”

Claire’s face blushed, and her heart was shy.


After three rounds of wine, Jiang Ming stood up dizzy and said: “I’ll go to the bathroom, you continue to drink, everyone drink more, that Maotai, that Maotai must not be left! And that champagne, This is 20,000 per bottle!”

When Zhao Zhuo saw this, he hurriedly stood up and said flatly, “Brother Jiang Ming, I will help you to the bathroom!”

After speaking, he stood up and held Jiang Ming with his brazen support.

Jiang Ming waved his hand and said with a smile: “I haven’t drunk too much, so I drank much.”

Zhao Zhuo said shyly, “Then I will go with you too!”

On the way to the bathroom, Zhao Zhuo smiled and said, “Brother Jiang Ming, I secretly finished the loan apps that you let me make. Don’t say it. Not only does the hotel’s wifi have no password, The internet speed is also very fast! It is much faster than the internet break in my company dormitory! It feels like a big bargain!”

Jiang Ming looked at him contemptuously, knowing in his heart that this Zhao Zhuo was more shameless than himself, and countless times more than himself.

However, it is precisely because he loves to take advantage of him so much that he has the opportunity to engage him.

So he said to Zhao Zhuo: “In this way, you first register all these apps and fill in your personal information, and then you start to borrow from them. You can directly borrow according to the highest amount and how much you can borrow. After taking it out, transfer the money to my card, and then I will help you operate the fund. A week later, I will call you to collect the income and principal!”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly nodded and complimented: “Brother Jiang Ming, you are so interesting. I am really fortunate to know a friend like you. It seems that following you, my marriage will definitely come soon!”

Jiang Ming said: “Hurry up and get the money out first. I will soon operate a new fund. If you don’t get the money out quickly, you won’t be able to catch this train. Don’t blame me in the future.”