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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 978 Free Novel

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For nearly 20,000 a bottle of champagne, he hadn’t even smelled it in his life, let alone drank it, so with this kind of good opportunity, he decided to drink enough.

At this time, Jiang Ming’s dog-legged Ronnel, while eating roast suckling pig, said flatly: “How do I feel that I have become the richest man in the City, that good brother, where we are now? This scene is almost the same as the scene in the movie where they eat and drink in the hotel!”

As soon as the words came out, they immediately resonated with other people, and everyone nodded and laughed: “Yes, that’s right, that’s a bit of a meaning!”

Ronnel smiled again and said: “It’s all thanks to Brother Jiang Ming, thank you Brother Jiang Ming!”

Xiaofen said indignantly: “Why should you only thank Jiang Ming? Brother Charlie also paid half of the money for this meal, OK?”

Ronnel said disdainfully: “I ate the half of Brother Jiang Ming and you ate the half of Charlie, so you thank him, it has nothing to do with me.”

At this time, Zhao Zhuo, who was eating with a mouthful of oily mouth, just took time out and reacted to the topic that everyone just talked about. He was still chewing on all kinds of meat and asked vaguely: “By the way, what were you talking about just now? The richest man in City? Why don’t I understand?”

Zhao Hao frowned and asked: “The movie! The richest man in Hong City, the one played by Shen Teng, was shown in theaters some time ago and the box office was so hot. Didn’t you watch it?”

“Movie theater?” Zhao Zhuo immediately said contemptuously: “I don’t go to the cinema to watch movies, so why make me spend money to watch the movies they make? Are these people not crazy about money? It’s about the same if you show them all for free! I always go to the Internet and beg others for resources, and when I go back tonight, I beg for a resource to watch this movie.”

“Stupid!” Zhao Hao said coldly: “Zhao Zhuo, you are too much to take advantage, right? People invest hundreds of millions in making a movie, and there are so many directors, cameras, dramatists, and actors. If the hard work they put in for a long time is free for people like you, who will make movies? The film and television company will not lose money?”

Zhao Zhuo heard Zhao Hao choking himself, and said disdainfully: “Shosh the f*ck and give me this set, I just don’t have enough advantage, I just like not to waste money, even if they want money, I won’t give it. , What’s the matter? Can’t it be? I not only don’t pay him, but I also go to scold him online, scold him for bad filming, scold him for bad acting, scold him for filming too slowly, can you handle it? What a dog taking a mouse.”

Zhao Hao said angrily: “You still curse after taking advantage of it? You are so shameless, you are not afraid of retribution if you say such things!”

Zhao Zhuo curled his lips: “What’s the retribution? Anyway, I am an orphan, who am I afraid of? Am I afraid of death?”

Zhao Hao was choked and speechless.

When a person is shameless to this point, saying anything is useless.

So he didn’t bother to continue to be honest with such people.

Charlie sighed straight as he watched from the side. Some people can climb up and become masters step by step, even if they are from a humble background, but some people will become rags and the bottom of the society.

Just like Zhao Zhuo, he became a pauper for no reason.

Disrespect others, do not respect oneself, only thinking about making money and taking advantage in their minds, this kind of people often suffer a lot.

After guessing this meal, he will desperately kneel and lick Jiang Ming.

And Jiang Ming would not hesitate to squeeze all the surplus value from him.

By that time, he might not even cry.

But it’s not that he didn’t want to give him a hand.

The point is that this person is not at all good or bad, and he has no self-knowledge until now.

This made Charlie couldn’t wait to see what would happen to Zhao Zhuo’s end!