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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 977 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 977 Start

When Jiang Ming heard this, he immediately smiled sarcastically: “Oh, Charlie, you can do it, brag, don’t even type the draft!”

Charlie smiled faintly, and said, “What’s so bragging about? If you don’t believe me, let’s pay 100,000 in advance, and we will eat 200,000 tonight. What do you think?”

After listening to Jiang Ming, he said excitedly: “Is this true?”

Charlie directly took out his mobile phone, opened Alipay, and said to the waiter: “Come, scan the QR code to pay.”

Seeing this, Jiang Ming was about to jump up with excitement!

What he want is to eat more meals, and then he can get more price difference when reimburse myself, but the friends of this group of welfare institutions are really too suspicious. They have been chatting there and don’t know how annoying it is.

Charlie is now willing to involve, and pay one hundred thousand at a time. Isn’t this clear to give him money?

He also pays 100,000, but he can open an invoice for 200,000. After he goes back, he will tell the boss that this meal is for a super customer. It is possible to negotiate a sale of 10 million. The boss will definitely wave his hand.

He has figured it out now, life is the most important thing!

First lied these two friends who wanted to make money with them, and then returned to the company, reported the 200,000, and solved Abner’s problem.

As for whether the boss will settle accounts after autumn, it is time to consider this.

After all, Abner is the biggest threat to him now.

So he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and said to Charlie: “Well, since you are so refreshing, then I will also pay 100,000!”

Aunt Lena wanted to dissuade the two of them, but Charlie waved his hand at him to signal her not to worry.

For Charlie, whether it costs 100,000 or 200,000 for a meal, it is just a drizzle. What he wants to do is not let Jiang Ming succeed.

At this time, the waiter took the POS machine and used the function of scanning the code to pay, and each swiped 100,000 from the two Alipays.

After confirming that the 200,000 has arrived, Jiang Ming said with a smile: “In this case, let’s order more good ones! Waiter, give us all the good wine, good food, and good seafood you have here, just take photos. With 200,000, what I want is to spend all of the 200,000 today, without a single point left!”

The waiter did not expect to meet such a wealthy table today, and immediately said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will make arrangements to bring you the wine first!”

When they heard that they were about to enjoy a meal of 200,000, many of the friends at the same table were excited and unbearable.

Especially that Zhao Zhuo, who just looked bitter melon, is so happy that his mouth is almost open to the root of his ears!

He was worried just now because he didn’t want to spend more, but now seeing the 200,000 meal, someone has already paid for it, and he hasn’t paid a penny. He is so excited that he can’t wait to go to the bathroom and release everything he has eaten before.

This way empty his stomach and wait to eat the next good things.

Many rags have this kind of mentality. If he spends his own money to do something, he may be more uncomfortable than being beaten; but if he does not need to spend money on this matter, or if someone else spends money, he runs away. Faster than anyone, laugh happier than anyone.

To put it bluntly, it is the king of prost!tutes.

Soon, the waiter brought lobster, abalone and other delicacies from the mountains and seas, and even a whole roasted suckling pig, tender on the outside and tender on the inside, exuding an incomparable aroma.

Zhao Zhuo frantically ate all kinds of good things, while holding a glass of wine, pouring into his mouth desperately.