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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 976 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 976 Start

Jiang Ming waved his hand indifferently, and said, “Yes, of course you can. If you can’t, just give it to me!”

After speaking, he said: “Oh yes, that ace of spades champagne, give two bottles!”

The waiter opened his mouth and said, “Sir, a bottle of Champagne of Spades is 18,888. It is non-refundable for opening the bottle, okay?”

Jiang Ming said immediately: “Yes! Hurry up and bring it first!”

Hearing that he ordered two bottles of wine worth 18,888 at once, everyone immediately couldn’t sit still.

After doing so, the meal has already cost more than 60,000. Even if everyone pays the other half, at least 30,000 this year?

If the dutch system is used, then everyone has to pay at least more than 2,000!

Zhao Hao suddenly said with some embarrassment: “Jiang Ming, we don’t have to be so extravagant to eat. Today, we invited Aunt Lena to eat, and received the dust for Aunt Lena. Aunt Lena has just recovered from illness and must not be able to drink. You order these two bottles. What does wine mean?”

Jiang Ming said contemptuously: “Zhao Hao, I just look down on you for being so poor, just eating a meal, are you afraid of being a feather?”

After finishing talking, he didn’t wait for Zhao Hao to speak, and immediately said to the waiter: “Bring us another big grouper, one shark fin in abalone sauce for each!”

Jiang Ming just hopes to have more, so that he can earn more.

Everyone else was a little worried, thinking that the meal was spread out and everyone had to pay too much.

But everyone is embarrassed to tear their faces, and no one is embarrassed to say that they will not eat this meal at this time, after all, Aunt Lena is still here.

Aunt Lena couldn’t sit still at this time. She said nervously, “Jiang Ming, we really don’t have to be so extravagant for our meals, and your things are too expensive. I am serious. Shaking…Can we order cheap dishes? Home cooking?”

Jiang Ming is now unwilling to let go of any opportunity for money, so naturally he can’t willingly eat only a few thousand for this meal, otherwise he can’t make any difference.

So he hurriedly said: “Aunt Lena, today you will just cook and eat. We have the rest. We were raised by you. Your kindness to us is heavier than anything. How about spending some money to invite you to eat? Even if I spend 30,000, 40,000, or 50,000 today, I agree that I will spend it willingly!”

After speaking, he deliberately looked around, watching everyone’s expressions.

What he said just now was actually moral kidnapping. The subtext is already very clear, why? Aunt Lena is so kind to them, raised them, and inviting her to eat dinner, they are not willing to spend, is this possible?

Sure enough, as soon as he said this, everyone did not dare to express any dissatisfaction or opposition.

Everyone has already thought about it in their hearts. Since Aunt Lena is invited to dinner, let’s have some blood.

Charlie suddenly felt something was wrong. Judging from Jiang Ming deliberately crashing the car in order not to honor his bet, he knew that this person was definitely not a generous person, and definitely a villain.

So why is a not so generous little person so generous when ordering food?

Could it be that more orders for this meal are good for him?

However, since Jiang Ming said that he had to bear half of the meal, he should not be the restaurant’s support.

Then there is only another possibility left, Jiang Ming can reimburse the meal!

It turns out that this Jiang Ming has counted everyone in. If this is the case, then he might as well give him a general plan!

Thinking of this, Charlie said, “Everyone, let’s go. For today’s meal, Jiang Ming and I are one and half, and the others don’t need to pay a penny. Even if this meal costs 200,000, it will be the two of us!”