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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 975 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 975 Start

Charlie was never a bad person.

Sometimes he would look at other people pitifully and want to pull them off.

But the premise is that the other party must know good and bad.

If the other party doesn’t know good or bad, he will never use a hot face to stick someone’s cold a**.

Some people are stubborn, it is better to let them taste the price.

Anyway, he did it himself, and he will fall into the fire pit in the future and burn to death without complaining.

So he deliberately changed the topic, and immediately said: “If you want to manage money, just go back and chat in a group privately. We are here to invite Aunt Lena for dinner. We haven’t ordered any food for a long time.”

Jiang Ming immediately came over with interest and smiled and said: “Come here, give Aunt Lena the menu, and Aunt Lena can order it!”

Aunt Lena hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no, I’ve never been to such a good place. I don’t know how to order any dishes, so you young people should order it.”

Jiang Ming took over the menu without letting it go, and said with a smile, “I’ll order it then!”

Then he immediately recruited a waiter and said, “Come on, I’m ordering.”

The waiter also came, and Jiang Ming immediately started ordering, but he was very scheming this time, ordering only expensive dishes.

As soon as he came up, he ordered a premium abalone for everyone. This dish cost 1888 per person.

Zhao Zhuo caught a glimpse of the menu and exclaimed: “Oh, Brother Jiang Ming, this dish is too expensive. Just order this dish and it costs more than 20,000! We… we can’t afford it. Get it off!”

Because Jiang Ming’s proposal for this meal is that he pays half of the money, and the rest of the money is paid to the dutch system, which means that everyone has to pay, but his proposal is a little less than what he said before.

But once the meal is too expensive, even if Jiang Ming pays half of it himself, the remaining half is a very heavy burden for others.

Jiang Ming looked at Zhao Zhuo with disgust at this time, and said: “No wonder your mother-in-law in the future will bite the bridegroom and not let go. Just like you, you will be so scared when you come out for a meal. Your mother-in-law must be more important. Bridegroom, lest her daughter be wronged in the future! What if you are so scared that you don’t even dare to order food if this meal is for your future mother-in-law? What do people think of you?”

Zhao Zhuo looked a little embarrassed, and said depressed: “Brother Jiang Ming, I don’t have money with me. To be honest, I’m now living on 100 a week in order to save money. I drink cold water and eat steamed buns in the company dormitory every day. I can’t bear to buy an electric kettle…”

Jiang Ming said coldly: “No wonder you are poor. With your mentality and your consumption philosophy, you can’t make money. Who is poor if you are not poor?”

After a pause, Jiang Ming said again: “What is money? Money has to be spent before it is earned. What is it if it is not spent? It is paper in the wallet and numbers in the bank. Besides, I have already agreed. I will arrange you money. If you can’t bear to pay for this little meal, then I won’t pay you as a friend. I’m sorry.”

When Zhao Zhuo heard this, he immediately closed his mouth with interest.

He has regarded Jiang Ming as his life-saving straw, so he can’t disobey Jiang Ming anyway.

Otherwise, there is no hope in life.

Others also felt that Jiang Ming’s ordering was too extravagant, but after listening to Zhao Zhuo’s remarks, everyone was embarrassed to speak again.

They all feel that after all, people pay half by themselves, and there are so many people who pay the other half. If everyone is still called poor, they will not be able to save face.

At this time, Jiang Ming said to the waiter again: “Bring us a lobster weighing five pounds!”

The waiter nodded and said, “Sir, our premium lobster here is 688 a kilogram, is that okay?”