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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 974 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 974 Start

When the man heard this, he blurted out: “Brother Jiang Ming, count me, count me!”

Aunt Lena has not spoken, but when she hears this, she can’t help but say with some worry: “Jiang Ming, now TV stations have exposed a lot of high-interest online lending platforms. Their profitable interest is really scary. Ah, I think it’s better not to touch it as a last resort.

Jiang Ming did not expect that Aunt Lena would come out to spoil his good deeds, and immediately said: “Aunt Lena, the platforms you mentioned are indeed very high, but the platforms my friends operate are all very formal, and the interest is not so high, compared with the income of my fund, that point of interest is almost negligible.”

After a pause, Jiang Ming said again: “Actually, under normal circumstances, I don’t want to do this kind of thing. It is thankless and not very interesting, but it seems that everyone is a small partner who grew up in the orphanage before. I really can’t bear to watch them continue to suffer from poverty, so if I can help, I should.”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly blurted out: “Brother Jiang Ming, you don’t need to worry about other things, you just push all those loan apps to me, I will take the loan immediately, and then we will give it to you in a unified way!”

Charlie, who has not spoken, looked at Jiang Ming at this time and asked with interest: “Jiang Ming, you just said that you work for a company under the White family, but as far as I know, it seems that the White family has not done any fund business?”

Jiang Ming’s face changed slightly, and he blurted out: “Charlie, it’s not that I despise you. The White family is big and has a wide range of business. There is no money that people don’t transfer. Do you know a sh!t?”

Charlie didn’t get angry either, and asked with a smile: “Then what’s your company name?”

Jiang Ming blurted out: “My company is called Harley Insurance Fund Investment and Wealth Management Company.”

With that said, Jiang Ming immediately took out his business card. In addition to his company’s name, Jiang Ming’s position was printed on it: “Investment Director.”

Charlie feels that this Harley Insurance Fund invests in a wealth management company, how it sounds familiar.

After thinking about it carefully, he remembered, isn’t this the company that lied to his mother-in-law? The boss of this company is Harley Zhou, and the backer is Orvel.

Harley Zhou’s deceitful deceit and investment in his company’s money are all in vain. It is useless for investors who have suffered huge losses to make troubles, because with the support of Orvel, no one can help Harley Zhou.

Unexpectedly, this Jiang Ming actually belonged to Harley Zhou Company!

The last time he went to help mother-in-law to collect debts, he didn’t meet him. If he had seen him at that time, then he must have been humble when he saw him today.

Thinking of this, he looked at Jiang Ming with interest, and asked curiously: “The boss of your company is called Harley Zhou, right? He doesn’t seem to belong to the White family! Are you talking nonsense?”

Jiang Ming didn’t expect Charlie to know his company and the name of his boss, so he immediately became nervous.

If Charlie knows his company, then it proves that he knows what his company does? He also know that what he said to Zhao Zhuo now was a lie to him.

Just when Jiang Ming was nervous and didn’t know how to explain, Zhao Zhuo looked at Charlie angrily and reprimanded: “Charlie, what do you mean by this person? Brother Jiang Ming showed kindness and wanted us to earn some money. What are you questioning here? Do you feel that if Brother Jiang Ming doesn’t take you to make money, you are upset?”

Charlie looked at Zhao Zhuo in surprise, and couldn’t help but sneer from the bottom of his heart. This kind of smelly rug is really helpless. He has no educational level and no ability to judge right from wrong. He kindly wanted to pull him in front of the fire pit. He turned away from hand and tried to jump down.

If this is the case, do it.

So he immediately said to Jiang Ming: “Maybe I remembered it wrong, sorry.”