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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 973 Free Novel

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The reason why Zhao Zhuo was rejected was actually Jiang Ming deliberately played a trick.

He himself is the sales director of a fraudulent fund, just like those thunderous p2p, his job is to do everything possible to fool those who don’t understand and invest in what they call a fund.

But in fact, none of these funds make money, and as long as they invest, they are doomed to lose money, and don’t even want to get back a penny.

At the beginning, Charlie’s mother-in-law Elaine was cheated by this kind of fund company. As long as the money entered their company’s account, it would be impossible to ask for it again.

However, what he wants to do today is not to let them invest in their own funds, but to trick them into giving the money to himself, and pretend to invest in the funds for them, so that he can save his life with their money first!

As soon as Zhao Zhuo heard this, he was so anxious that he was almost crying. He was already madly poor and wanted to make money. He thought that Jiang Ming could bring himself to make money, but he did not expect that he had too little capital.

So he could only plead: “Brother Jiang Ming, please, help brother, otherwise your brother really doesn’t know what to do. My life has failed like this. You can’t let me say anything. My girlfriend left me.”

Seeing that this man had already taken the bait, Jiang Ming continued acting and said, “Brother, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. The point is that your capital is too small and it’s not easy to operate!”

As he said, he seemed to remember something, and his eyes lit up: “By the way, I have a way to help you.”

Zhao Zhuo hurriedly asked: “What can be done? Jiang Ming brother, please speak up!”

Jiang Ming hurriedly said: “That’s right. I know some friends who engage in online loans. As long as you provide an ID card, they can lend you a sum of money. Although each is not much, if you borrow more platforms, You can still make up enough for a batch. I guess you can borrow four or five hundred thousand, plus your hundreds of thousands, and you have to make up at least 600,000. If this 600,000 is put into the fund, it will take a week. Doubling is not a problem.”

As soon as Zhao Zhuo heard this, he choked with excitement: “Brother Jiang Ming, then do as you said. Could you please introduce me the way to introduce online loans!”

Jiang Ming smiled and said, “I’ll push several loan platform apps to you later.”

Zhao Zhuo said excitedly: “Brother Jiang Ming, I really don’t know how to thank you anymore. You are my benefactor of reinvention, and my second parent!”

He is an orphan and never went to school. He is illiterate. He finally found a second-hand girlfriend. Seeing that he was married, his mother-in-law in the future would not let go. Life was almost desperate.

Therefore, he really had no choice but to pin all his hopes on Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming saw his mentality right, and prepared to cheat him on a big wave. First let him borrow a few hundred thousands everywhere, and then put his own hundreds of thousands together. In this case, with one person can solve the 600,000 funding gap for himself.

If he can pit two such people, he can basically solve this problem.

As for this Zhao Zhuo, will he be rushed to death by the major online lending platforms in the future? It has nothing to do with him. Who makes this silly bird not mindful? It deserves to be pitted.

At this time, a few friends in the orphanage heard that 600,000 would double in a week, and they were all moved.

Someone said, “Brother Jiang Ming, can you take me with you for this kind of thing?”

Jiang Ming said seriously: “As long as you can get a bargaining chip, this matter can bring you money together. If you can’t get a bargaining chip, then learn from Zhao Zhuo, and then first borrow from some online lending platforms. After a lot of money is paid out, and after a big profit, the money is returned. This is called borrowing chicken to lay eggs!”