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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 972 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 972 Start

What he said was all his personal experience just now.

Because he didn’t see the Phaeton’s English clearly, and only saw the Volkswagen logo, he thought it was a Passat and bumped it.

It’s miserable now, there are millions of holes, and he doesn’t know how to plug it.

If the strategy he thought of today could not be blocked, he would basically be finished.

“f*ck!!! It’s really Phaeton?!”

A boy recognized the Phaeton’s car key, saw the word w12 on it, and blurted out: “This is the most expensive model of Volkswagen. The top model costs more than 2 million. It is known as the lowest-profile super luxury car. Oh my god, brother, you actually bought the Phaeton, is it too low-key?”

Coming in the same car with Jiang Ming and seeing several people before and after the accident, their expressions were a little unnatural.

They did not expect that Jiang Ming could directly apply this matter to himself, and then use it to brag.

However, they are all Jiang Ming’s dog legs, so naturally they dare not expose Jiang Ming’s lies.

Jiang Ming smiled indifferently at this time and said: “In fact, the people in our fund are very low-key, because this business is indeed very profitable. Many people want to make money with you. Once he knows that you have inside information, you have a way to make money. They all want to come and take a ride and follow you to make a fortune.”

The man asked again: “By the way, Jiang Ming brother, what model of the Phaeton you bought?”

Jiang Ming smiled indifferently, and said arrogantly: “I bought the Phaeton, which is a w12, which is a 12-cylinder engine.”

“My God!” The man said dumbfounded: “Brother Jiang Ming, this is the best match for Phaeton. It costs two hundreds of thousands for it all?”

Jiang Ming smiled and waved his hand: “In fact, it’s nothing.”

After speaking, Jiang Ming said again: “In fact, I was low-key just now, so I didn’t tell you my actual income. As a fund, we usually focus on 12 funds a month. If these 12 funds are good, every Each one can bring us hundreds of thousands or even higher income.”

At this time, someone hurriedly asked: “Brother Jiang Ming, we have been in a relationship for so many years. You have such a way to make money. Can you help your brother? I am about to get married. My mother-in-law asked me for 300,000 gift. How can I get it? I have to save money and spend till now, and I have saved a total of hundreds of thousands. At this rate, my marriage will definitely not be completed…”

Charlie recognized this kid, his name was Zhao Zhuo, and he was also an orphan.

When Jiang Ming heard that he had a deposit of more than 100,000, his heart was immediately moved.

He blurted out: “To do a fund, the main thing is to make a leverage. The more money you invest, the more you earn. Your hundreds of thousands of startup funds are really too little.”

Zhao Zhuo begged: “Brother Jiang Ming, this is too much for all my in-law, and I can’t take it out anymore…”

As he said, he choked and said, “Brother Jiang Ming, to be honest, an orphan like me, rag, beating children without father and mother, without money, skills, and no schooling for a few years is equivalent to half illiterate. , I can only do some hard work outside to earn some money. It’s not easy, and I want to marry a wife now, but I can’t marry. I beg you to help me and help me out for your poor brother’s sake. !”

Jiang Ming said with difficulty, “Brother, let me tell you a heart-wrenching remark. To play with funds, you must have the capital to play. Your hundreds of thousands are too small, and I can’t bring you in.”

As he said, he arched his hands apologetically: “I’m sorry bro, don’t blame me.”