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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 970 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 970 Start

Charlie and Claire also sat down on her right hand at Aunt Lena’s request. As for the others, they all sat down on the table one by one.

As soon as they sat down, Aunt Lena looked at these children and said with relief: “Children, thank you for remembering me in your heart, and you came to see me!”

Everyone hurriedly said, “Aunt Lena, what are you talking about? We should be.”

Aunt Lena asked, “How have you been all these years?”

Everyone laughed one after another: “Let Aunt Lena miss you, we are all fine.”

After leaving the orphanage for many years, everyone have their own different life trajectory, but in general, most people are ordinary people. No matter how big ideals and ambitions in the past are, they are all influenced by reality after entering society. Defeated, in ordinary life, will eventually return to ordinary.

Everyone has changed a lot. When many people talk about their lives, although they pretend to be relaxed, they are silent after listening. It is obvious that many people’s lives are not very satisfactory.

They have no background and no support. In this society, they can only work bit by bit on their own. It is already good to be able to become ordinary people. It is no different from a dream to become a master.

At this time, someone asked Jiang Ming: “Jiang Ming, I heard that you are now the director of a listed group in Aurous Hill?”

Jiang Ming smiled triumphantly and said, “Yes, I have been in this directorship for half a year!”

As soon as these words came out, several people on the table exclaimed: “My God, the directorship of a listed group must have an annual salary of several hundred thousand? Jiang Ming, you are too good, no wonder you can afford a Mercedes-Benz!”

Jiang Ming said proudly: “So so, to put it bluntly, I get an annual salary of several hundred thousand a year, which is just to make a living!”

Having said this, he pretended to sigh and said: “However, the salary is not counted any more, it is just enough to provide food and clothing. What really depends on is the commission and bonus.”

With that said, Jiang Ming said: “Don’t hide it from everyone, now I am in charge of a big project of the company. When that project is completed, I will be able to share a bonus of more than one million!”

When they heard this, everyone was even more surprised and hurriedly said: “Ming Jiang, no, Mr. Jiang Ming, what company is yours, the benefits are so good, even the bonus can be divided into more than one million?!”

Jiang Ming said triumphantly: “Speaking of it, it scares you. It is Aurous Hill’s famous White Group, like Xinhe Group, it is actually White’s industry, and the profit of a project must be spent in units of tens of millions. Let’s calculate, what I take, is considered to be less!”

Charlie frowned, White Group, isn’t that the property of Solmon White’s family?

Is Jiang Ming doing something for the White family?

This is kind of funny.

At this moment, Jiang Ming saw that Charlie had been silent, so he deliberately said, “Charlie, what are you doing now? Wouldn’t you just rely on your wife to support you after you become a son-in-law and eat leftovers?”

As soon as he said this, several of his dogs couldn’t help laughing.

No matter how strong Charlie was, he was repeatedly provoked by Jiang Ming, and he did not get tired of it. He said indifferently: “Yes, I wash clothes and cook at home every day, clean up the housework, and live a comfortable life. How can I have free time to find a job?”

Charlie told the truth, but it fell in Jiang Ming’s ears, but he seemed to have heard a huge joke.

He laughed and said sarcastically: “I said Charlie, everyone knows the bottom line, do you want face here? I don’t believe how comfortable it is to be a son-in-law!”

As he said, he deliberately said: “By the way, we also grew up together anyway. To tell you the truth, I happen to be recruiting an assistant recently. Why would you not come and help me with Ronnel?”