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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 969 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 969 Start

Jiang Ming looked at Charlie annoyed, and deliberately said, “Do you think I am afraid of you? If I hadn’t chased the tail, I was designate to win!”

Xiaofen pouted and said, “Just blow it! Brother Charlie kicked you back just now with a kick of the accelerator. I think if you didn’t rear-end, you must lose.

“Just kidding!” Jiang Ming deliberately made an excuse and said: “The reason why Charlie was able to overtake me at the start was because I forgot to set the car to sport mode.”

As he said, he hurriedly turned away from the subject and said, “Oh, I told you this woman who doesn’t understand cars that these are meaningless. Let’s go in quickly. I have already booked a place.”

Charlie didn’t care about him anymore, and entered the Hyatt Hotel with everyone.

The Hyatt Hotel is a comprehensive hotel integrating dining, entertainment and leisure. However, the location is a bit remote, which is far from Shangri-La and Brilliant Club.

Jiang Ming took the lead and led everyone into the Hyatt Hotel. A waiter greeted him and looked at Jiang Ming and asked politely: “Hello master, do you have an appointment?”

Although Jiang Ming was very bitter, he still pretended to be bullish and said: “My name is Jiang Ming, and I booked the table No. 03 in the lobby.”

After finishing speaking, Jiang Ming said to everyone: “I’m sorry guys, we decided to be a bit late. They only have a seat in the hall today.”

Everyone expressed their understanding. After all, for most people, it is the first time for them to have a meal in a five-star hotel, even in the lobby.

The waiter smiled and said after checking the error: “Okay, Mr. Jiang, your reserved seat is ready, everyone, please come with me.”

The waiter led everyone to the catering department. Jiang Ming spoke at this time and couldn’t help but said to Charlie: “Charlie, you must have never been to such a high-end place, this time you are lucky. If you can follow me in to see, or else, you might not have the chance to enjoy it in a lifetime.”

Upon hearing this, Charlie couldn’t help but laugh.

The top Shangri-La Hotel in Aurous Hill is all owned by his own. With a fraction of his bank card, he can buy the entire Hyatt Hotel, so he doesn’t even bother to refute a person like Jiang Ming.

Therefore, Charlie smiled slightly, too lazy to take care of Jiang Ming’s rag.

Seeing Charlie’s indifferent attitude, Jiang Ming was even more angry.

This Charlie has never put himself in his eyes since he was a child! Doesn’t put him in the eyes now!

He is just a live-in son-in-law, and he doesn’t know where he is, and dare to despise him so much!

It seems that today he must find a way to make him lose face!

At this time, Jiang Ming already had a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

He has to do everything possible to make Charlie lose face, and at the same time make his group of friends admire him. When the time comes, he will directly play with them with an empty gloved white wolf and try to use it. At the same solve the trouble of rear-ending Abner Phaeton car!

The more Jiang Ming thought about it, the more he felt that this was a good idea with two birds with one stone!

After making this decision, Jiang Ming felt a lot of comfort, and then he walked in the forefront with great momentum.

When he arrived at the predetermined table position, Jiang Ming asked Aunt Lena to sit down.

When Aunt Lena was seated, Jiang Ming sat on her left hand, and Ronnel and others, who had knelt and licked Jiang Ming before, sat down one by one, sometimes flattering.