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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 966 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 966 Start

These four heavenly kings in Aurous Hill are also big figures in each town, and the most famous one is Abner.

People in the arena, Liang brother.

Jiang Ming never dreamed that he would run into Abner’s Phaeton in order to avoid a Porsche Cayenne.

He already regretted it and wanted to die at this time. He had known this a long time ago, and he just hit the Porsche directly.

No, if he knew it was like this, he wouldn’t be faster than Charlie in any car!

That’s right!

It’s all because of Charlie’s b@stard who dared to trick him. His BMW 520 is surprisingly powerful. At first glance, it was a modified car.

If he doesn’t shame him, how can he make such a bad move?

Thinking of this, Jiang Ming hated Charlie very much.

Abner looked at the boy pale with fright, and snorted coldly, “Go, show me your driving license, driving license, and ID card!”

Jiang Ming didn’t dare to disobey, hurried back to the car, took out all these documents, and handed them to Abner respectfully.

After reading the documents, Abner put all the documents directly into his pocket.

Afterwards, he looked at Jiang Ming and said coldly: “Jiang Ming? I have been walking in the rivers and lakes for so many years. I really don’t want to care about you, it hasn’t been a month since I just bought it. You crashed like this, even if you fix it for me, this car is still the injured car, not my new car.”

Speaking of this, Abner said sternly: “So, the solution I give you is very simple. From now on, this Phaeton is yours.”

When Jiang Ming heard this, he was stunned.

He didn’t understand why Abner said that? Give him this Phaeton? impossible?

At this time, Abner said with a gloomy expression: “This car is for you. You buy me a new car with exactly the same configuration. I will not pursue this matter. You are also lucky. I have a much better temper now. Otherwise, just because you hit my car, I have to break your leg first!”

After hearing Abner’s words, Jiang Ming knelt on the ground with a desperate plop.

Let himself lose for a new car, which can cost more than 2 million. Where can he get so much money?

And what’s the use of this car for himself? Repairing it alone would cost hundreds of thousands, and once it was repaired, it would cost hundreds of thousands to sell it. All in all, it would cost him a hundred and hundreds of thousands to get his car alone!

This hasn’t counted the damage to his car!

Insurance companies can only cover half a million, and their combined losses are estimated to exceed one million.

Jiang Ming almost collapsed at this moment, because he bought this Mercedes-Benz with a loan, and has to pay back a monthly payment of more than 10,000 every month, and it will be enough for three years.

All of his household belongings are used to pay the down payment, and monthly salary is just over 20,000. What can he do to bear the millions of losses?

Thinking of this, Jiang Ming cried and said to Abner, “Brother Liang, I am to blame for this matter today. I am solely responsible. I admit it! But I really don’t have much money. I can’t afford such an expensive car and pay you!”

“Then I don’t care.” Abner scolded: “You have to pay me satisfactory compensation if you crashed my car. You have no money? You have no money to figure out a solution. I will give you at most one week, if one week , I can’t see the new Phaeton in my house, then I will let someone cut you off.”

After speaking, Abner said again: “I have something to do, my car is now yours. You only have one week, and if you can’t solve this problem, I’ll cut you off. If you dare to run, I will kill you!”