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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 965 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 965 Start

Although Porsche is a luxury brand, an ordinary Cayenne is just over a million.

However, although the German Volkswagen is a common brand, the Volkswagen Phaeton is a very, very expensive model.

The top-equipped Phaeton is more than two million, which is not cheaper than the top-equipped Audi a8, the top-equipped Mercedes-Benz S, and the top-equipped BMW 7 Series.

Jiang Ming was taken aback by the logo of the Porsche Cayenne just now, so he subconsciously wanted to choose a cheaper car and hit him.

Seeing this Phaeton, in the evening, he only saw a Volkswagen logo hung on the back of iys, and the car looked like a Passat, so he just ran into it without thinking about it.

However, he didn’t expect it to be a low-key and cheating Phaeton…

When he thought that this car was worth more than 2 million, he felt depressed and wanted to die.

Cars pay attention to the ratio of parts to the whole. In other words, if the parts of a car are taken apart, the price will be two or three times or even higher than the price of the car.

In the rear-end collision just now, the other party’s two taillights, trunk, and anti-collision beams were all damaged. This Phaeton is an imported car again. All parts and accessories need to be imported, so it might cost hundreds of thousands to repair.

Moreover, his Mercedes-Benz also crashed very badly.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the brands with the highest retail ratio. As for this 500,000 Mercedes-Benz e-class, it can be dismantled at least more than one million according to the 4s shop’s parts quotation.

With two automatic headlights alone, it costs more than 60,000!

In addition, the front hood, water tank, radiator, and anti-collision beams all had problems, and two airbags burst. If the damage of this car is determined by the insurance, at least about 200,000 will be need to get it repaired.

If they really hit a Passat, then the combined damage of the two cars will definitely not exceed 500,000.

In this case, all the money will be paid by the insurance company, so there is nothing to worry about.

But he was blind and ran into a Phaeton…

With this calculation, the damage of the two cars is estimated to be close to one million!

Insurance can only compensate 500,000, and you have to figure out the remaining money.

He suddenly felt incomparably collapsed, looking at the middle-aged man driving the Phaeton, crying and saying: “Big brother, you drive such a car to go out, aren’t you in a pitfall?”

“I’m cheating?!” The middle-aged man raised his hand angrily and slapped him in the face, angrily cursed: “You ran into my car. You are all responsible. You said I cheated?! Believe me or not. Now make a call and let someone chop you off?”

Jiang Ming covered his face, stepped back subconsciously, and blurted out: “You…how can you hit someone?!”

“I can’t beat you?” The Phaeton driver asked coldly, “Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t know…” Jiang Ming shook his head with a guilty conscience.

The driver grabbed Jiang Ming by the collar, pulled him closer, and observed at him angrily: “You can see me clearly. My name is Abner. Have you heard of my name?”

When Jiang Ming heard this, his face paled in fright.

Of course he has heard of Abner’s name.

There are four heavenly kings under Orvel, all of whom are Orvel’s most powerful men.