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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 964 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 964 Start

If he really turns back, wouldn’t all he be laughed at by these little friends?

But if he killed myself, he didn’t want to give this newly bought car directly to the orphanage!

At this moment, he even thought that he would just drive away and stop eating this meal, and he would never interact with the group of people in the orphanage in the future!

Just as he thought about it, there was a flash of light in his mind.

Immediately afterwards, he did not hesitate to change lanes to the right lane, and rushed to the rear of the car in front of him!

Jiang Ming has already figured it out. The best solution is to have a traffic accident on his own. In this way, it is equivalent to the end of the game due to force majeure, so he will not lose!

Therefore, he wanted to find a car to chase up.

At this moment, the guy in the co-pilot was so scared that he yelled, blurting out, “Brother Jiang Ming! Brother Jiang Ming! We’re going to hit, we’re going to hit!”

Jiang Ming sneered, and said in his heart: “All I want is to hit!”

However, when he got closer and closer to the car in front of him, he discovered that the car in front was a black Porsche Cayenne.

At this moment, he immediately stepped on the brake!

Cayenne got a millions, but he only bought half a millions for his car damage insurance. If he crashed into this car, the insurance might not be enough.

It just so happened that there was a Passat on the right side of the lane, so he slapped in the direction and hit the a** of the Volkswagen Passat!

With a bang, Passat was slammed for a while before stopping, and Jiang Ming’s front face of Mercedes-Benz was also smashed beyond recognition.

Fortunately, the airbag exploded, so no one was injured.

After crashing the car, Jiang Ming stopped the car immediately, pushed the door and walked off, then immediately turned on his mobile phone and took a video on WeChat.

He patted the front of his car and patted the Passat which was hit by himself in front of him. He said, “My friends, please help me tell Charlie that there was an accident on my side and I ran into a Passat. Today’s race is definitely not going to go on, so let’s wait for my car to be repaired and then I will compare with him!”

After that, he clicked send and sent the video to the group of the orphanage.

After posting the video, he thought to himself, I was so witty! Actually thought of using this method to solve the problem! Really smart!

Otherwise, if he really drove the car to the Hyatt Hotel, then he really won’t be able to get off the stage.

Even if he don’t donate the car, he won’t be able to get involved in the circle of the orphanage in the future.

Originally, it was okay not to be in this circle. He didn’t have any real feelings with these people, nor did he have any feelings for Aunt Lena.

However, when he met Xiaofen today, he felt that he has a new goal in life.

He is preparing to look for an opportunity recently to launch an offensive against Xiaofen. If he loses the game today and denies it, then he must be foolish to play Xiaofen.

Just when he was very proud of his intelligence, a middle-aged man walked up to him, pointed at him and yelled: “You’re f*cking blind? Who told you that this car is a Passat, it is a w12 Top with imported Phaeton! More than 2 million! Did your mind kick the donkey?”

“What the h*ll?!” Jiang Ming said dumbfounded: “Phaeton?! Isn’t it Passat?”

When the man heard this, he scolded his mother angrily. He reached out and grabbed his collar and dragged him to the front. He pointed to his car and cursed: “Your mother will show you clearly what this is? Come and talk.

Jiang Ming’s heart was suddenly cold!

This is the lowest-key Volkswagen Phaeton in the legend? How does this f*cking look different from Passat?