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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 963 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 963 Start

The friends who are good deeds immediately uttered a cheer, but because the car can’t fit so many people after all, there are still a few friends who can only take a taxi.

Charlie sat in the BMW 760 he bought for Claire, and his wife Claire sat in the co-pilot.

Aunt Lena, Xiaofen and Hao Zhao sat in the back row.

Charlie said to the person in the car, “Sit down, and I will be on the straight road in front of you later. I can end the battle with a kick of the accelerator.”

After speaking, he looked at Aunt Lena and told: “Aunt Lena, grab the handrails and hold on. I can make a Mercedes Benz for our orphanage with a kick of the accelerator! Easy to sell for more than 300,000, Then buy some good toys for the children!”

Aunt Lena nodded and said with a smile: “Then I have to thank you for the children in our orphanage!”

On the other side, Jiang Ming’s car was also full of five people, all of whom were his attendants.

Jiang Ming drove the car to Charlie’s BMW, lowered the window, and said with a smile: “Charlie, let’s go when you are ready, I will let you run for three seconds.”

Charlie said modestly: “Don’t don’t don’t, you’re all friends, let’s not be boring for more than three seconds, let’s get together.”

“Haha!” The five people on the Mercedes-Benz laughed loudly, and Jiang Mingle said, “Charlie, you are really interesting. If this is the case, then I count one, two, three?”

Charlie nodded: “Okay, come on.”

Jiang Ming laughed and said, “Come on, one, two, three, go!”

After speaking, Jiang Ming immediately stomped on the accelerator.

Charlie let him deliberately for a second, and then stepped on the accelerator deeply, causing the BMW 760 to rush out quickly like an off-string arrow.

In few seconds, Charlie had already left Jiang Ming far behind.

The road went straight all the way, and slightly increased the speed, which directly cast away Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming didn’t realize that it was Charlie’s car that rushed past, until someone around him reminded him: “Brother Jiang Ming, that kid Charlie has passed!”

“Where?” Jiang Ming panicked, and he looked at him with a dazed look: “f*ck, how could he be so fast…”

A kid in the back seat sighed: “It seems that Charlie does have some skills!”

“Technology a**!” Jiang Ming came down in cold sweat, blurted out: “This is not good technology at all, this is a strong motivation! This [email protected] tricked me!”

The man hurriedly asked: “What do you mean?!”

Jiang Ming scolded angrily: “My car has stepped on the floor oil, and he is so much faster than me. This proves that the horsepower of his car is much stronger than the horsepower of my car. At least it has to run. Go with 400 horsepower!”

Speaking of this, Jiang Ming said in a panic: “This is over, this is really over, Charlie has calculated it…”

The kid in the co-pilot asked, “What’s the matter, Brother Jiang Ming, can’t you win?”

“Win a chicken feather…” Jiang Ming was already crying anxiously, and blurted out: “The car is obviously not at the same level as others. Even if you run away from the car, you can’t catch up with them, you see. Look, now you can’t see his shadow. The Hyatt Hotel is only two or three kilometers away. What am I going to chase after! This time I’ve lost!”

“Ah?!” a person in the back row blurted out: “Brother Jiang Ming, if you really lose, will you donate this car to the orphanage?”

“I’ll donate an egg!” Jiang Ming gritted his teeth and cursed: “Do you know how much effort I took to buy this car? It is impossible, you will have to kill me and donate it to the orphanage!”

“But, you’ve already made a bet with Charlie in public. If you break your promise by then, wouldn’t it be unsightly?”

Jiang Ming was also aware of this problem.