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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 962 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 962 Start

Jiang Ming said immediately: “Aunt Lena, don’t worry about this. This is a bit of personal grievance between Charlie and me. Besides, we are more than a match. It is not whoever wins and who wins is good for the orphanage. As a result, if my car is sold second-hand, it can sell for 400,000. Although Charlie’s car is cheap, it can sell for two or three. The money from selling can be donated to the orphanage, or it can be used by the brother of the orphanage. My sisters have a good life.”

Charlie smiled and said to Aunt Lena at this time: “Aunt Lena, you don’t have to worry about this. Jiang Ming and I will handle it in private.”

Aunt Lena was actually mainly afraid that Charlie would suffer, but seeing Charlie’s confidence, she suddenly felt that this matter should not be as simple as she thought.

Actually, when she went to Eastcliff to see a doctor this time, Aunt Lena found something wrong.

The first thing that is not right is that the doctors in the hospital were too polite to her and treated her as a VIP.

When she was recuperating in the hospital, she happened to meet a domestic celebrity and went to Fairview to see a doctor. The person who treated that celebrity at that time was her doctor.

However, she found that the treating doctor’s attitude towards the star was far less respectful than his attitude towards herself.

She couldn’t help but secretly thought that she was just an employee of an orphanage, and she came to Eastcliff for the first time in her life. It was impossible to have anything to do with her. What background might she have, so why did the doctor treat her so respectfully?

The second problem is that she went to the operating table and was injected with general anesthesia by the anesthesiologist, but before she passed out immediately, she heard chief surgeon talking to his assistant.

Dazed, she heard the other party say that this patient is the benefactor of the young master, so they must be cautious and careful

She never understood, what exactly was the young master that the other party was talking about? Or maybe she had hallucinations and misheard.

However, every time she thinks of this clip, she always thinks of Charlie.

Although she doesn’t know why, she always feels that looking at the grown-up child is far from simple as she thought.

What’s more, all of the millions of medical expenses that she had spent in the hospital at the beginning were all solved by Charlie.

What kind of method does he have to solve so much money in a short time?

This made her feel a little weird.

Seeing Charlie at this time, she found that Charlie has indeed changed a lot from before. The biggest change is that he is more confident than before, and much much more confident!

This also made Aunt Lena very pleased in her heart, because in the past so many years, she too hoped that Charlie could be more confident, but she had not been successful, but now it seems that he has successfully passed that hurdle. .

Thinking of this, she no longer intervened in the gambling agreement between Charlie and Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming looked at Charlie smugly at this time, and said with a smile: “Charlie, to be fair, each of us is full of five people in our car. Let our little friends including Aunt Lena come as a testimony, lest you Who denies after losing!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Well, Aunt Lena, Xiaofen, and Zhao Hao are in my car.”

“Ok!” Jiang Ming said with a smile: “Then those of us who played well back then, take my car together!”