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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 961 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 961 Start

“That won’t work!”

Seeing Charlie’s confession, Jiang Ming bit him instead.

He deliberately increased the volume a bit and said: “Everyone has heard it. You said it yourself. There is no meat car, but only meat people. If this is the case, then we two will compete in front of all the students.”

Charlie waved his hand and said a heart-wrenching sentence: “Oh, Jiang Ming, let’s not compare. Everyone is not a heavyweight player. It would be unfair to be together like this.”

It’s really unfair. BMW 760 and Mercedes-Benz e300l are no different from Husky.

When Jiang Ming saw that Charlie said that he was not a heavyweight, he thought Charlie was scared, and he immediately sneered: “Charlie, didn’t you just brag? Why are you talking about it now? In front of your Wife, can you look like a man?”

Charlie pretended to be annoyed and said, “Oh, I said Jiang Ming. It is meaningless for you to talk like this. Everyone is a small partner who grew up together. Do you need to be so aggressive? Yes, you should drive a car. What’s so good about the car? Do you really think your car is better than mine, you can beat me?”

Jiang Ming thought that Charlie got the set, but he didn’t expect that he actually got the set, and hurriedly said: “The key to whether you can beat depends on whether you dare to compare with me. If you are counseled and not a man, then there is no way for you.”

Charlie immediately became ashamed and said: “Okay! Comparing, who is afraid of whom.”

Jiang Ming immediately smiled and said: “Great! Then let’s try and compare, so let’s get to the Grand Hyatt Hotel first than whoever gets there first. What do you think?”

Charlie nodded: “It’s okay, but it should be some color, right?”

“Come on!” Jiang Ming said confidently: “You can open the color head, whatever you want!”

Charlie thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it, I heard from Xiaofen today that the orphanage is still short of funds, or else, no matter who we are, we will donate our car to the orphanage and let it go to the welfare. What do you think?”

The good brother Zhao Hao hurriedly grabbed him and blurted out: “Charlie, don’t be fooled by him! This person is not at all well-intentioned!”

Charlie smiled, saying that it is okay, but in his heart he secretly said: “My dear brother, I actually want him to be fooled by me, because I am the one who really has no peace of mind.”

But it is naturally impossible to say this.

Jiang Ming laughed aloud at this time and said: “Charlie, is your BMW 520 in your name? Didn’t you push the door upside down? This should be your wife’s car? Why are you not embarrassed to take your wife’s car out? What about the generosity of others? What if you lose and your wife is unwilling to donate this car to the orphanage?”

Claire on the side was also very dissatisfied with Jiang Ming’s arrogant attitude, and said: “Although the car is written with my name, you can rest assured that I will guarantee it personally. If my husband loses to you, then I will take this Donate the car to the orphanage. If you lose to my husband, then you have to donate your car to the orphanage. So many people are watching, do you agree?”

When Jiang Ming heard these words, he immediately relaxed.

They think, his Mercedes-Benz e300l can’t even run with BMW 520?

Since you want to get humiliated, get ready to say goodbye to your car!

So Jiang Ming said: “Since you have said so beauties, of course I have no opinion. There are so many friends here to witness, including Aunt Lena, who is also here to witness. We are so sure, who loses. Donate this car to the orphanage.”

Aunt Lena hurriedly said: “Oh, you guys. What is this for? We grew up together, what can’t you say, you have to be stunned here? Listen to me, don’t make this bet anymore, let’s Just eat with peace of mind, reminisce about the past, and enhance the relationship.”