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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 96 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 96 Start

Charlie said angrily at this time: “Fatty, do you think it’s okay not to speak? You have to know, this is Aurous Hill! Which of these people who were deceived by you is not rich? Hooking fingers can let you stay in Aurous Hill. There is no place for burial! I advise you to be acquainted and take the time, to tell the truth, otherwise, no one can save you!”

Warnia knew that Charlie was launching a psychological offensive, and immediately cooperated with him, saying with a black face: “Our Song family is a big family with a bit of face in Aurous Hill. If anyone dares to deceive the Song family, our Song family must have it. Give him a profound lesson, if we are soft and spread, the family’s face will be affected!”

The fat man was frightened suddenly!

He knows how high your Song family is. If he really angers Warnia, he will probably die in Aurous Hill!

So he was panicked, and hurriedly shouted at Qi Lao desperately: “Qi Lao, save me! This is not my own business!”

Old Qi’s face changed suddenly and he roared: “What are you talking nonsense? You lied to the Song family and framed me. I want your life!”

After all, Qi Lao took out a dagger from his pocket, a cold light flashed in his eyes and immediately pounced on the fat man.

The fat man’s eyes were cracked, and he cursed: “d*mn, you turn your face faster than a book! You obviously told me that Ms. Warnia relies on your mouth. As long as you say yes, this thing will be sold. You hurt me so much!”

Warnia gave them a cold look, and then said to Charlie: “Mr. Charlie just laughed, thanks to you today, let’s leave, these people, our family will send someone to clean up these people.”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “Okay, then go back.”

After all, the two got up and prepared to leave.

Seeing that Warnia was about to leave, Qi Lao was shocked, and he didn’t care about killing the fat man. He knelt on the ground and said, “Miss, please forgive me. For the sake of my hard work and work in the Song family for so many years, forgive me. This time”

Before Warnia spoke, Tailai stood up and sneered: “You old thing is really looking for death. You want to be Master of the game, and you can get two or three billion. Do you think the Song family can spare you? “

Old Qi was pale and sat slumped on the ground.

Tailai continued: “Even if the Song family forgave you, I, Tailai, will never forgive you!”

Old Qi suddenly collapsed and cried, and the whole person has completely collapsed.

Seeing this, Warnia shook her head slightly, and said to Charlie: “I’m so sorry, Mr. Charlie, my family made a mistake, you read a joke.”

Charlie said calmly: “There are treacherous villains everywhere, Miss Song doesn’t have to say that.”

At this time, Tailai from Haicheng took Guo Ming and Qin Gang from the Aurous Hill Qin family, all came out.

Seeing Charlie, Tailai immediately stepped forward to Charlie and said, “Mr. Wade, thanks to you today, otherwise, Li will be fooled by this thief!”

Guo Ming next to him also said with some shame: “Mr. Wade is really a hero, and the Old Master just didn’t see through the articles they wrote on jade, ashamed!”

Qin Gang also arched his hand and said, “Mr. Charlie, thanks to you today, otherwise the three of us who robbed the head and robbed it was a fake. Let alone the heavy losses, I am afraid that people will laugh out loud!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said faintly: “You are welcome, I was originally invited by Miss Song to come here to verify the authenticity of things, so this is also my business.”

After everyone was done speaking, Charlie got into the car with Warnia.

At this time, there was silence in the courtyard behind him.

But Charlie could see that as soon as everyone left with their front feet, several people in black suits walked in quickly.

It seems that Qi Lao and the fat man are in a disaster!