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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 959 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 959 Start

Aunt Lena next to me, when she heard that she was going to the Hyatt Hotel for dinner, she hurriedly said: “Jiang Ming, auntie knows that this is your wish, but I don’t need to go to the high-end Hyatt Hotel. The place is too expensive!”

Later, Aunt Lena said: “And you eat wherever you go. It’s better to cook a table of delicious meals for you. Let’s have a bite in the orphanage. This will save you children. Less money. You can use the little money you save to do it yourself. It’s not worth it to spend so much to get the wind from me…”

She has been thrifty and economical all her life. She has never been to such a luxurious place. It is difficult for her to adapt to the place where she spends tens of thousands to eat.

However, Jiang Ming smiled slightly and said, “Auntie Lena, don’t say that. We are all raised by you, and now we are at the age to do something for you. Besides, I said just now. I’m not alone for the meal, I pay half, and the rest will pay the other half!”

After that, he saw Aunt Lena hesitate, and then persuaded: “Auntie, don’t worry, this meal won’t cost too much. Moreover, the Hyatt Hotel has a cooperative relationship with our company. I will have some discount, after a meal is eaten, and the spread is calculated on everyone’s head, and it will only be a few hundreds!”

When these words came out, everyone present was also relieved.

If the per capita consumption is several hundred, if it is still within the range of most people, everyone will naturally relax a lot.

And they feel that they can also take advantage of this opportunity to spend very little money to experience the upscale and luxury of five-star hotels, which is very cost-effective.

At this time, Aunt Lena was still a little hesitant. Jiang Ming looked at the time and said, “Aunt Lena, it’s already past 6 o’clock. If we don’t hurry, there may be nowhere to go.”

Aunt Lena felt that it was rare for these children to come together to visit her. If everyone didn’t even finish the meal in the end, it would be really disappointing.

In the end, she couldn’t stand Jiang Ming’s hospitality, so she nodded and said, “Okay, then let’s go to Hyatt to eat.”

Jiang Ming was overjoyed and hurriedly said: “Aunt Lena, let’s go quickly.”

Someone asked: “How would a dozen of us go there?”

Jiang Ming smiled and said, “My car can take four. Let Auntie Lena take my car, and Xiaofen can take my car, and two more.”

As he said, he deliberately looked at Charlie, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Charlie, do you want to ride in my car with your wife? I’ll take you there. Your wife is so beautiful and you should ride in a Mercedes-Benz. You can’t take her on the bus!”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I also came by car.”

“Oh, really?” Jiang Ming asked exaggeratedly: “You came by car, aren’t you the live-in son-in-law? How can you afford a car? What kind of car? Alto or Xiali?”

Charlie took out the BMW car key blankly and pressed the unlock bu.tton. The BMW 760 parked on the side of the road not far away flashed a yellow light.

Everyone looked in the direction that his remote control key was facing, and when they saw him really reached out to unlock a BMW, they all exclaimed.

These little friends really don’t have much promise. They were shocked when they saw Jiang Ming’s 500,000-plus Mercedes-Benz just now. They felt that this was their ultimate goal in life, but they didn’t expect it. , Charlie even drove a BMW.

Jiang Ming’s complexion immediately became a little unsightly, because BMW and Mercedes-Benz are basically the same brands, and this made him feel a little uncomfortable, who originally thought he stood apart.

He should be the only one in the orphanage who can afford a BMW and Benz.

Unexpectedly, Charlie could even afford a BMW!

He felt uncomfortable, so he took a closer look at Charlie’s BMW and found that there were three numbers 520 written on the back of the trunk, and his mood finally improved.