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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 957 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 957 Start

Hearing what Aunt Lena said, Claire hurriedly said: “Aunt Lena, don’t worry, I and Charlie have a good relationship.”

After speaking, Claire then said apologetically: “Aunt Lena, after you went to Eastcliff for treatment, I have never had time to visit you in Eastcliff. If Charlie told me, I would not know that you were cured and discharged. Back to Aurous Hill, I am really embarrassed…”

Aunt Lena said with emotion: “After I fell ill, your couple has been busy in the hospital. If you two hadn’t helped raise money, Auntie might have died in critical condition…”

As she said, Aunt Lena’s eyes reddened and she choked up, “Especially Claire you, while you were busy with the affairs of the Willson family, you also have to come and take care of me. Auntie has always been very grateful and feels very guilty. I dragged down you couple, if you are really embarrassed, it should be the aunt who said it!”

Claire hurriedly comforted: “Aunt Lena, don’t forget, I am Charlie’s wife, and you are Charlie’s benefactor, that is, my benefactor!”

Aunt Lena looked at Claire and was deeply moved.

Seeing Claire again this time, Aunt Lena felt that she was a little different from the past.

Although Claire and Charlie often visited her in the past, Claire still vaguely felt a little alienated from Charlie, obviously because they had no emotional foundation.

But this time, the two have been holding hands, and it seems that their relationship has also improved a lot.

In the past, Aunt Lena could often hear the rumours spread outside, so she was always worried about the relationship between the two, for fear that someday Charlie would divorce Claire and be driven out of the Willson family.

At this time, seeing the two people’s relationship has improved, her heart settled down.

As everyone present listened to this conversation, they couldn’t help being surprised.

Only then did they know that Charlie and his wife had done so much for Aunt Lena while Aunt Lena was sick.

Charlie was very humble. He took good care of Aunt Lena. He just wanted to repay the other party with all his heart, and he never thought of relying on this to show off and show off in front of others.

However, Jiang Ming on the side was depressed!

The reason why everyone can come together to visit Aunt Lena today is that he is the real initiator and organizer!

Moreover, he was thinking that he is now a successful person anyway, just by taking advantage of this reception banquet, he will put pressure in front of everyone and enjoy the compliments and complacency of this group of people. By the way, he will talk Xiaofen as a young gentleman and try to develop it.

Unexpectedly, Charlie was robbed of the limelight by a guy like Charlie, and he turned into a background board!

Thinking of this, Jiang Ming looked at Charlie with a bit of resentment.

At this time, Aunt Lena shook Claire’s hand and said with great relief: “Claire, you and Charlie are not too young anymore. It’s time to consider having a child. The group of children they left from the orphanage back then Here, Charlie got married alone, and the rest are still bachelors. As an aunt, I can’t wait to hug a godson!”

Claire blushed all at once.

She and Charlie have been married for more than three years, but no one has ever urged her to have a baby.

After all, the relatives around her looked down on Charlie a little, and wished she divorced Charlie, how could they let Charlie have children with her.

However, she was suddenly urged to have a child by Aunt Lena. In addition to being shy in her heart, she suddenly had some strange feelings.

Claire will soon be twenty-six years old, at the optimal age for childbearing, and for a girl of this age, the motherhood and maternal love in her heart have already begun to faintly breed.

Take Claire, for example, occasionally when she sees other people with children, she will feel that maternal love is overflowing in her heart, and even start to think about when she can have a baby of her own.

However, because there are so many things in the family, she has never dared to consider this issue in depth.

So she said with some shame: “Auntie Lena, we haven’t thought about having children yet, because I have just started a business and the company has only just improved a bit, and it has been the busiest time recently.”