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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 955 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 955 Start

When he thought that Charlie could find such a beautiful wife, Jiang Ming felt even more unbalanced. With a smirk on his face, he sarcastically said to Charlie: “Charlie, I don’t think we two have seen each other in a few years. You have changed quite a bit. Yes, it looks like oily noodles. It’s really a standard little white face, natural for soft rice!”

As he said, he looked at Charlie up and down, and pretended to be ashamed and said: “If I knew it was so easy to be a live-in son-in-law. Then why have I worked so hard in the past few years? Look at me. After being broken, I earned the position of director. Compared with you, the soft rice king who can only eat and wait to die, I am really ashamed!”

The reason why Jiang Ming was so cynic on purpose was that he wanted to show off his identity and status in front of Charlie and others, so as to attack Charlie.

After saying this, he couldn’t help looking at the young and charming Xiaofen.

Now that such a super beauty like Claire is out of play, Xiaofen, a tender little sister who can pinch the water, can still develop well!

“When was in the orphanage before, why didn’t I realize that this little girl, Xiaofen, was so beautiful.

If I had known it earlier, I should have dealt with her in the orphanage back then.”

At this moment, the few people behind him laughed at Charlie when he heard him ridicule Charlie.

But Charlie still stood calmly in place, without any angry expression on his face.

Claire was a little angry, and said coldly: “This gentleman, my husband didn’t recruit or provoke you. Why do you speak rudely and ridicule him? Besides, what does it have to do with you whether my husband eats leftovers? Did he eat a grain of your rice?”

Jiang Ming didn’t expect Charlie’s wife to be so towards him!

He suddenly felt that God was unfair!

Why is there no such a wife when he is so good and so hard?

Is it true to the old saying that a good man has no good wife? Good wife but no good guy? !

So he got even worse in his heart, sneered and said: “Beauty, I am not ridiculing your husband, I am telling the truth, a beautiful woman like you, marrying this kind of rag, it is really a flower on the cow dung!”

Claire said coldly: “You are an outsider in the matter between me and my husband, and you don’t have any qualifications to judge! It’s enough to manage your own affairs!”

Jiang Ming was choked and speechless, and Claire was so beautiful. The key is that she still loves her husband so much, and is so envious of her husband!

At this time, Xiaofen couldn’t help but scolded angrily: “Hey! Jiang Ming! What do you mean by this person? Did my brother Charlie recruit you? You are here to be sarcastic to him! I see you as a human being. Too much time! Nothing has changed from before!”

When Jiang Ming heard this, his heart suddenly became annoyed.

Why is this Xiaofen facing Charlie like this? What is so good about this hanging wire? Why are all the beautiful women facing him?

Claire, as his wife, is fine with him. This Xiaofen didn’t have a relationship with him for no reason, so why is she doing this?

Moreover, the more Jiang Ming looked at Xiaofen, the more he felt that this girl was really the best!

At the age of early twenties, the figure is already so tall, and this is what should be convex and curled, feel impeccable no matter how you look at it!

Moreover, the appearance of pouting in anger is even more confusing, and he can’t wait to k!ss them in his arms immediately!

It would be really cool if he could get started with such a young girl!