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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 954 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 954 Start

This made him wonder, could this beauty be a small partner in the orphanage?

But no matter how he thought, he couldn’t think of any memory fragments related to this beauty.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ming still had a smile on his face, first with a bit of arrogance, and said hello to Charlie: “Yeah, isn’t this Charlie? Long time no see!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Big bullsh*t pocket?”

Big bullsh*t pocket is Jiang Ming’s nickname in the orphanage at the time, because this kid is fat and can eat, so he likes to amplify bad f@rts.

The key is that this kid f@rts. He never pays attention to the occasion. It is used when playing games in class, when eating, and when sleeping.

At that time, the little friends were troubled by his bullsh*t, and he was miserable, so he left with nickname, called Big bull.

Jiang Ming didn’t expect Charlie to mention his previous nickname as soon as he came up, and suddenly his face felt a little uncontrollable.

Before he could say anything, a young man behind him said displeasedly: “Hey, Charlie, how do you talk? How dare you called Mr. Jiang Ming’s nickname? Mr. Jiang Ming is now an executive of a listed group. , You have to be respectful when you speak!”

Charlie glanced at the person who spoke, and vaguely remembered that the other person was Ronnel, who was one of Jiang Ming’s dog legs back then. He didn’t expect that after so many years, he would still follow Jiang Ming’s a**.

So, he frowned slightly, and said faintly: “I’m sorry, I have called him a big a** since he was a child, and he has become used to it.”

Jiang Ming glanced at Claire, and found that Claire looked a little bit uncontrollable about his nickname. He was immediately a little angry, and counterattacked: “Charlie, look at you like this. It’s not bad to be a guy. What car did you drive over? “

Ronnel immediately took the conversation, laughed, and said, “Oh, Mr. Jiang Ming, what you said is a bit too much. I heard that Charlie went to be a live-in son-in-law, and he was supported by his wife. It would be nice to have a hot meal. , You also asked what car they drove over. Didn’t you slap them on purpose…”

“Oh, slip of the tongue!” Jiang Ming slapped his head and deliberately said, “I’m sorry Charlie, I’m a bit straight, I hope you don’t mind.”

That’s what he said, but he was already laughing in his heart, Charlie, Charlie, let me see how you step down!

Charlie smiled and said, “Big bullsht pocket, I always thought that you love to bullsht because your intestines are straight. I didn’t expect you to speak straight. You use the trachea to speak, just like your intestines. The pipes are all straight!”

When everyone heard his ridicule, they laughed suddenly.

Jiang Ming’s face became very ugly by the way.

He really didn’t expect that when he said something straight, Charlie caught the handle, it was a sarcasm.

Jiang Ming’s face suddenly became difficult to look.

He couldn’t care about being angry now, mainly because he was afraid that Claire would have a bad impression of himself because of Charlie’s words.

So, he hurriedly looked at Claire and asked with a smile: “Oh, this beauty looks a little strange. Maybe it’s because I haven’t returned to the orphanage for so many years. Why can’t I recognize you? Can’t tell me, what’s your name?”

Xiaofen on the side said dissatisfied: “Hey, Jiang Ming, do you have any insight? Do you know who this is? This is my sister-in-law, my brother Charlie’s wife!”


Jiang Ming was struck by lightning and killed him. He couldn’t believe that this super beautiful woman who made her look at him was actually Charlie wasteful’s wife!

He couldn’t help but look at Charlie, and found that Charlie’s clothes all over his body were not as expensive as his own coat. This Armani coat of his own, let alone buy him, and spare half!

Looking at the beautiful and moving Claire standing tall and tall next to Charlie, he couldn’t help but feel extremely annoyed.

Oh sh!t!

Claire is such a beautiful woman, with an exquisite figure, she is simply the best among the best, and she is a hundred times, a thousand times or even ten thousand times stronger than the women he has ever seen.

As a result, she turned out to be Charlie’s wife, God is so f*cking blind!