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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 951 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 951 Start

When the three of them came out of the orphanage, just about to go to the restaurant, a pleasantly surprised voice suddenly sounded in their ears: “Charlie, Xiaofen!”

When the two turned around to look, they saw several figures walking towards them.

These people are all the little friends who grew up with him in the orphanage.

However, for Charlie, there are many people in it, and they have basically never seen him since he left the orphanage.

The only one who still had contact after leaving the orphanage was his little friend, Zhao Hao.

In the early years, when Charlie was living in the orphanage, due to the accidental death of his parents, his personality became reticent, even a little withdrawn, and he might not speak a word to others for days.

Because of his incompatibility, he is often isolated by other children.

Charlie remembered that whenever he was isolated, Zhao Hao, who was a little older than him, would always be the first to stand up and play with him.

So over the years, the relationship between the two has been very deep.

Zhao Hao and Charlie are the same age, but Zhao Hao is a few months older than him.

The two people came out of the orphanage, and then they both chose to go to the construction site to work together, suffer together, becoming standard hard brothers.

However, the difference between Zhao Hao and Charlie is that Charlie made money, and all of it was secretly given to the orphanage, while Zhao Hao saved some money himself, then left the construction site and went to Haicheng to do a little business. .

For Charlie, Zhao Hao’s approach is understandable.

After all, everyone is an orphan, and most of them are helpless when they come out of the orphanage.

Everyone wants to make some money to lay a foundation for themselves, because orphans are not like others. Others have parents, relatives, and a house that can shelter from wind and rain. Orphans have nothing.

If you run out of money today, you won’t be able to eat today, and you can only sleep on the street at night.

The reason why Charlie didn’t think about him after leaving the orphanage was mainly because of his father’s teachings to him that year, which made him feel that he could live to be 18 years old. It was already the orphanage and Aunt Lena’s kindness to him, of course. Find a way to repay.

Moreover, this has a lot to do with Charlie’s childhood education.

In his childhood, Charlie was the young master of the Wade family from childhood. He received the education of Confucianism and classic Chinese studies. Therefore, in his bones, there is a kind of dedication spirit of ancient Confucianism and compassion.

This is what makes him different from everyone in the orphanage.

At this moment, Zhao Hao stepped forward with excitement, and said excitedly: “Charlie, my good brother, we haven’t seen in a long time!”

Back then, he and Charlie slept in the shed on the construction site together, carried cement together and moved bricks together. The two supported each other and walked all the way for several years.

Later, Zhao Hao saved tens of thousands, and met a girl he liked on the construction site, and followed that girl to Haicheng.

After a few years of absence, Charlie couldn’t help feeling a little excited, saying, “Zhao Hao, we haven’t seen each other for three or four years? How have you been in Haicheng over the past few years?”

When Zhao Hao heard Charlie’s question at this time, he laughed and said, “I am okay, I am okay! Let’s say, have enough food and clothing!”

Charlie asked again: “Where is the girl you met on the construction site? Are you two married?”

“Hey.” A trace of sadness flashed between Zhao Hao’s eyebrows, but he smiled indifferently: “Get married. It’s been a relationship for two or three years, but this is not about marriage, I can’t afford it. What kind of gift, I can’t afford to buy a house. The woman’s parents look down on me, and they often blow the wind around her ears, and she won’t look down on me when she listens to them, and then she broke off with me.”

Charlie frowned and asked, “When is this?”

Zhao Hao smiled slightly and said, “Just last month.”

Charlie nodded and said, “It is her loss for not choosing you.”