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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 950 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 950 Start

Xiaofen took Charlie to the dormitory area of ​​the orphanage, and Charlie found the dormitory where he lived at a glance.

Looking in through the window, he saw a dozen or two-year-old children playing under the leadership of an aunt in the orphanage.

He couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Xiaofen, why are there so many such young children in the orphanage now?”

Xiaofen said: “Many irresponsible parents send their children directly to the orphanage after they give birth. Some of these children are abandoned by them because they are born with disabilities or diseases. Like me, maybe it was because I was a girl, so I was abandoned.”

Speaking of this, Xiaofen couldn’t help sighing.

Later, she said angrily: “There are still some children in there. They were abducted by traffickers and then rescued by the police. Because the children are too young to find their parents, they can only be fostered at first. In the orphanage, after finding their parents, they will be sent back to their families.”

Charlie saw that some of these children had some physical disabilities, so he couldn’t help asking: “Xiaofen, what is going on with disabled children? Is it congenital disabilities?”

“No.” Xiaofen said indignantly: “These were all rescued from the traffickers. They were originally healthy children, but after being stolen by the traffickers, they didn’t sell these children, but got them and made them disabled. After becoming disabled, they took these children along the street to beg. Such children have been destroyed by them all their lives, but they have become their cash cows.”

When Claire heard this, she suddenly angrily said: “These people are too j3rk, how can they turn good children into disabled people!”

Xiaofen said: “There are some such bad guys who specialize in this kind of conscience. They are normal people with hands and feet, but they pretend to be disabled and beg everywhere. Later, they found that the begging stuff came in too quickly. Therefore, in order to make more money, they deliberately find some disabled people to increase their credibility. Later, if they can’t find the disabled, they buy the children. After buying, the children are disabled, so that it is easier to beg.”

After hearing this, Claire trembled with anger, and blurted out: “b*stards like this, all of them should be shot!”

Charlie sighed at this time and said: “Actually, when I was working on the construction site, I had heard of the existence of beggar gangs. They were all fellow villagers or relatives. They organized groups to beg in big cities. Some of them were extremely cruel. Specializing in poisoning minors.”

After speaking, Charlie said to her again: “You forgot that we watched an Indian movie two years ago. The name was Millionaire in the Slum. There was not a leader of a gang of beggars who sang good children. Blind his eyes, make him blind and let him sing and beg along the street. It looks like this kind of thing is far away from us, but it often happens around us.”

Claire said angrily: “Unexpectedly, there are such demons around us. I knew I had gone to the police academy to be a police officer, and I could still bring these bad guys to justice.”

Xiaofen sighed: “Sister-in-law, the key is that there is too much profit margins, so many people have to make this money even if they risk being shot.”

With that, she felt that the topic was a bit heavy, and she said: “Oh, it’s getting late, let’s go to the restaurant first, the other friends should have arrived.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Let’s go, go to the restaurant first.”

The three came out of the orphanage together, and Charlie asked Xiaofen on the side: “By the way, Xiaofen, are there any difficulties in the orphanage recently?”

Xiaofen smiled and said: “The difficulties have always been there, but they are okay, and they can be carried. The children’s living conditions are much better than when we were younger, but the only downside is that our classrooms The dormitory and the cafeteria are all too old. The dean has been applying for funding, hoping to renovate it, but the superiors have been saying that the finances are tight and they cannot allocate funds for the time being.”

Charlie nodded lightly and wrote down her words in his heart.