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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 945 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 945 Start

When Elaine heard these words, she felt sad!

In the past two days, everyone in the family seems to have changed their attitudes towards her.

Her husband ignored her, and even took the initiative to start a fire with her. The son-in-law is no longer the son-in-law at the mercy of others. He even became angry with her and asked her to move back to the old house.

Even the only good girl who relied on her was no longer facing herself.

She never dreamed that her daughter would speak to Charlie at this time.

She is a great dramatist, seeing that she seems to be losing power in this home, she blushed in the blink of an eye and started acting.

She choked pitifully: “Now it’s unnecessary for me to be in this house. Your dad doesn’t care about me. Your husband threatens to kick me out, even if you are not with me…”

With that, Elaine twitched her mouth and tears flowed down.

Claire sighed helplessly, and said, “Mom, it was indeed you who was wrong just now. I can’t look at you all the time.”

Although she felt sorry for her mother for having suffered so much, this was not the reason for her mother to shout to Charlie, nor the reason for insulting Aunt Lena.

Moreover, Claire knew very well in her heart that her husband had been very pitiful since he was a child, and he did not have many real relatives in this world.

Except for himself, it may be Aunt Lena.

This is why Charlie desperately tried to get money to treat Aunt Lena some time ago.

She knew that in Charlie’s heart, he treated Aunt Lena as a mother.

She has always admired Charlie’s behavioral style of acknowledgment, otherwise she would not give him all her private money and let him take it to Aunt Lena.

Therefore, she also felt that her mother was a bit too much, and naturally she could no longer speak to her at this time.

At this time, Elaine was already crying with tears, and sighed: “My life is really pitiful, does this family still have a place for me?”

Charlie no longer wanted to watch her acting at this time, and even no longer wanted to be patient with her any more, so he skipped her and said to Claire: “My wife, I’ll go to the orphanage first. Eat at home.”

Claire hurriedly stood up and said, “I’ll go with you. I haven’t seen Aunt Lena for a long time. The last time I went to see Aunt Lena in the hospital was a few months ago. I still miss her.”

To say that Claire really fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of a good wife. Not only did she support Charlie treating Aunt Lena, she also often went to the hospital with him to visit and take care of Aunt Lena, just like Charlie she was very respectful to Aunt Lena.

Aunt Lena also liked her very much, almost treating her as her daughter-in-law.

Seeing that Claire was going to see Aunt Lena with herself, Charlie nodded with satisfaction and said, “Then let’s go together. When Aunt Lena called me last time, she asked about you, she I should miss you a lot.”

Claire stood up and said, “Then let’s go now.”

As soon as Elaine heard that Claire was going to go with Charlie, she said pitifully: “Good daughter, are you angry with your mother? Do you even want to ignore your mother?”

Claire looked at Elaine and said seriously: “Mom, I really hope you can reflect on this experience and change your personality. Otherwise, you will definitely suffer in the future.”

When Elaine heard her say this, she immediately sat on the ground and said, “What’s the point of saying I’m alive? My only relative, my dear girl, is no longer facing me. The police shouldn’t let me go. Come out and let me die in the detention center…”

If it were to be kept in the past, Claire would have softened and compromised when she saw her mother being so aggressive, but this time she understood that if her mother always had this character, then she would suffer a loss sooner. She can’t condone her temperament anymore.