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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 943 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 943 Start

“Yes!” a friend named Zhao Hao in the group said: “Aunt Lena got such a serious disease and finally healed it back. If we children raised by her, don’t come to see her for the first time. Maybe she will feel lost too.”

Jiang Ming said: “Well, let’s find a five-star hotel, and we must take care of Aunt Lena.”

Xiaofen said: “Jiang Ming, let’s not be so extravagant. Aunt Lena is thrifty all her life. If she goes to such a good place to eat, she will definitely feel distressed. Why don’t we just serve home-cooked food at the entrance of the orphanage for many years? !”

When Charlie thought of the home-style restaurant that had been in operation for more than ten years, he couldn’t help feeling sighed.

On his 18th birthday that year, Aunt Lena took the frugal money and took him and a few friends to eat a meal in that restaurant.

She also bought a cake for him, and after celebrating his birthday, he no longer met the adoption regulations of the orphanage, so he entered the society alone.

Now think about it, the meal he ate there was the most tender meal he had ever eaten in his life.

So he immediately said: “I really didn’t expect that restaurant is still open! The place Xiaofen chose is great! Then let’s make an appointment there!”

Jiang Ming replied: “I said Charlie, everyone has been working for so many years, and they have some savings. Facing Aunt Lena, don’t you need to be so stingy?”

Charlie said: “I am not stingy, but respect Aunt Lena’s habit. We ask Aunt Lena to go to a five-star hotel. Aunt Lena may not be really happy. On the contrary, she may feel too extravagant and wasteful and will feel distressed for a long time.”

Jiang Ming said: “Cut, don’t I know you yet? Don’t you just want to save twos?”

After speaking, Jiang Ming sent another voice: “Charlie, I know that you are not doing well. It is normal for you to be a son-in-law. It is normal to have no money in your pocket. But after all, Aunt Lena brought you up, with so much kindness. , Even if you have some blood, what can you do if you join in and invite her to have a good meal?”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning.

This Jiang Ming didn’t deal with him when he was in the orphanage. At that time, Jiang Ming relied on that he was stronger than his peers and formed gangs in the orphanage, and he often got together to bully other children.

Charlie was also targeted by the opponent, but because he had practiced some martial arts when he was at Wade’s house in Eastcliff, most people were not his opponents at all, so when Jiang Ming brought someone to trouble him, a group of people were directly beaten by him. Them crying father yelling mother, looking for teeth everywhere.

From then on, Jiang Ming, with a very small mind, held a grudge against Charlie, sang everything against him, and targeted him everywhere.

Moreover, this guy has always been wrong, and always caused trouble for the orphanage when he was young.

He was caught stealing things several times, and in the end it was Aunt Lena who came forward to lose money and apologize to save him.

Having not seen him for so many years, Charlie estimates that this person is not much better now.

But Charlie didn’t bother to be familiar with him, and said lightly: “Whatever you say, I still think it’s best to go to the restaurant Xiaofen said.”

Xiaofen also hurriedly said: “I think what Charlie said makes sense. Aunt Lena saved money all her life and asked her to go to a five-star hotel for dinner. She must be uncomfortable.”

The childhood friend Zhao Hao also echoed: “I also support it!”

Others also agreed, so Xiaofen said, “Well, there are ten people we can come over tonight, and nine of them all support going to the old restaurant. Then we will be the minority and obey the majority! I will go to that restaurant now. Book a box! Come here too!”

“Good, good!” Everyone agreed and happily agreed.