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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 942 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 942 Start

Charlie responded and walked to the kitchen.

In fact, there was a box of eggs in the refrigerator, but he didn’t want to feed them to Elaine, so he smashed all the eggs out and poured them into the sewer. Although pouring them into the sewer is a waste, if it gets into Elaine’s stomach , more wasteful.

Then he used a pot to boil some hot water, grabbed a handful of noodles, and threw it in.

Just when he was perfunctory, the phone suddenly received a WeChat message.

He opened WeChat and found that there was someone in the chat group of “Aurous Hill Welfare Institute”.

The 20th and 30th people in this group were all taken in by Aunt Lena and raised up orphans, but now everyone has been in the society for many years, and many people are scattered all over the country. The connection is not too close.

Charlie clicked to open the group.

The message was sent by a girl named Xiaofen Li in the orphanage. The content read: “Secretly tell everyone a good news, Aunt Lena has recovered from illness and has returned to Aurous Hill!”

Xiaofen is a little girl Charlie met in the orphanage.

This little girl was abandoned by her parents not long after she was born, she was raised by Aunt Lena, two or three years younger than Charlie, and she was a little sister in Charlie’s eyes.

Aunt Lena didn’t know what her surname was, so she asked her to name her Xiaofen.

After Xiaofen became an adult, she worked with Aunt Lena in the orphanage, and was the only one who remained in the orphanage among the many friends that year.

Seeing her saying that Aunt Lena has recovered from illness, Charlie hurriedly asked in the group: “Why didn’t Aunt Lena tell us when she came back, so we might as well pick her up.”

Xiaofen said: “Brother Charlie, Aunt Lena said that she didn’t want to cause you trouble, so no one told me. I also found out after she came back suddenly this afternoon.”

Charlie asked again: “How is Aunt Lena’s health? Does she look okay? She just recovered and was discharged from the hospital, won’t she go back to work in the orphanage?”

“Yeah!” Xiaofen said: “What kind of person Aunt Lena is, Brother Charlie, you must know better. How can she be free? She hasn’t come to the orphanage for so long. She cares about the children in her heart.”

After speaking, Xiaofen said again: “But I see Aunt Lena’s body, and it feels pretty good. It doesn’t look like someone who has been seriously ill at all. It should have been restored to its original condition!”

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Stephen sent Aunt Lena to the best hospital in Eastcliff, and he also paid Aunt Lena two million in medical expenses, which included very high-end postoperative recovery. .

At this time, other people in the group also sent out messages.

“Ah, Aunt Lena is discharged from the hospital? That’s great!”

“Haha, I knew that Aunt Lena is a good person, and she will definitely recover one day!”

At this moment, a person named Jiang Ming suddenly everyone in the group said: “Everyone, since Aunt Lena has recovered and discharged, then I suggest that our friends in Aurous Hill, now go to the welfare home to visit Aunt Lena, by the way Find a restaurant and pick her up, what do you think?”

“Yes, right, right, Jiang Ming, your idea is good! I’m getting off work soon, and I can go there anytime!”

“Yes, it is a happy event for Aunt Lena to recover from illness, we must visit her!”

In response, Xiaofen sent a happy expression, saying: “That’s what I mean by sending a message to everyone. Since we haven’t seen Aunt Lena for a long time, and everyone hasn’t seen each other for a long time, it’s better to take this opportunity. We all join together and invite her to have a meal, so I believe Aunt will also be very happy!”

“Oh, you guys in Aurous Hill, can’t you wait for another day or two? Wait for us outsiders to rush back, or I will buy a plane ticket now and come tomorrow!”

That Jiang Ming said: “Receiving things like wind and dust, of course, is the most ceremonial feeling on the day of return!”