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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 941 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 941 Start

Two BMW cars, one after the other, returned to Tomson’s big villa.

Jacob was scolded all the way by Elaine, and his dissatisfaction grew stronger.

When he first received a call from Elaine, he was singing a love song with his first love, so he was guilty of conscience. He became angry when he heard her and went to the hospital in a hurry.

But after calming down, he felt more and more that Elaine was really hopeless.

Therefore, Jacob’s idea of ​​divorcing her became stronger.

After getting out of the car, Jacob abducted the one bought from the hospital to Elaine directly from the back row.

Elaine was still waiting for him to help him in, even carrying her in, but she didn’t expect him to pass a crutch directly.

Elaine squeezed on the crutches and cursed in place: “Jacob, you [email protected], my leg is broken, you throw me a crutches?”

Jacob said: “Anyway, you have to get used to crutches sooner or later, otherwise, what do you do if you go to the bathroom?”

“What’s the matter?” Elaine asked angrily: “What do you mean, I won’t be able to count on you in the future?”

Jacob said with a black face, “Don’t forget, we two have separated!”

Elaine immediately wanted to yell at him. At this moment, Charlie happened to park in front.

When Claire got out of the car, Elaine immediately complained to her. With the mentality of turning big things into small things, Claire hurriedly supported her and comforted her: “Oh, mom, don’t be angry with dad. Your body will be bad, and your body will be bad if you get angry.”

Elaine still wanted to curse, but suddenly felt dizzy in her brain, and immediately realized that she had been hungry for too long and was about to pass out of hypoglycemia.

So she said weakly: “Oh, I’m going to die, I’m starving to death, where is Charlie? Hurry up and cook for me! I want to eat braised pork and beef stew”

Charlie said blankly, “I haven’t had time to buy groceries today. I only have some noodles at home. Should I make a bowl of noodles for you?”

Elaine blurted out: “I’ve been hungry for two days and two nights! What’s the use of a bowl of noodles?”

Charlie said lightly: “Then I will go shopping now.”

As soon as Elaine heard this, she said in a hurry: “I will be fainted with hunger when you buy it!”

Charlie asked, “Why don’t I order you a takeaway?”

Elaine blurted out: “It takes half an hour or even forty minutes to take out. Cook the noodles and knock two more eggs!”

Charlie said casually: “There are no eggs, I haven’t bought them yet.”

Elaine said: “Will you give me a taste? Give me some green vegetables. I haven’t eaten any vegetables in the past two days, and my mouth on the fire is rotten.”

Charlie shrugged and said: “There is nothing but dried noodles at home. If you want to eat, I will give you a bowl of clear noodle soup.”

Elaine stomped angrily, pointed at Charlie and asked Claire: “Claire, is this waste deliberately against me? Why is there nothing at home?”

Claire looked embarrassed.

Charlie said at this time: “We have been looking for you for the past two days. He didn’t cook at all at home, so he didn’t go shopping.”

Elaine was angry and uncomfortable, but now she didn’t have the strength to get angry with him, so she said to Charlie: “Then you quickly get me a bowl of noodles!”