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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 939 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 939 Start

After Elaine got cast in the People’s Hospital, Jacob drove home to rest.

Along the way, Elaine kept scolding Jacob next to him, and at the same time beating on the side, trying to figure out why he dressed himself so glamorously for the party today.

However, Jacob’s mouth was tighter than a safe.

He just wanted to wait for a good time tonight to discuss the divorce with Elaine, so he must not let Elaine know about Meiqing before that.

In the other car, Charlie drove Claire with red eyes, and drove unhurriedly behind Jacob’s car.

Claire was very sympathetic to her mother. After all, she was a son and daughter. Anyone who saw the mother suffered so many injuries and so many tortures would feel uncomfortable.

In addition, one thing that worries her is the relationship between her father and mother.

She knew that her father liked Meiqing. Compared with Meiqing, her mother was far behind, so she was worried that her father would finally give up the current marriage and pursue his own happiness.

Charlie saw the wife on the side with a sad face, and was about to persuade her, when he suddenly received a call from Issac.

Issac asked him on the phone: “Mr. Wade have you received your mother-in-law?”

Because his wife was by his side, Charlie couldn’t speak too clearly, so he said vaguely: “Yes.”

Issac said: “That’s good.”

After speaking, he said again: “By the way, Mr. Wade I heard a news.”

Charlie asked: “What news?”

Issac said: “The Wu family in Suzhou seems to be looking for your antagonist everywhere. They even sent someone to Eastcliff to find Fredmen. They seemed to have sent someone to Changbai Mountain to find Youngzheng and Barena, the father and son. , But it was discovered by the people arranged by Mr. Orvel, so they fled early.”

Charlie couldn’t help but frowned.

The Wu family suddenly contacted Fredmen, and even contacted the Wei family and his son. There was only one possibility, that is, they wanted to unite more of his mortal enemies to deal with him.

Since Regnar and Roger father and son were insulted and fled back to Suzhou, the Wu family did nothing. He thought they had realized that they were not something they could afford, but he did not expect that they were actually Darkness that followes you in the light.

Charlie asked: “Who else did they contact?”

Issac said: “The Wu family also sent people to contact those who have been taught by others before, but they are all low-level rags, and can’t make waves if they want to, just like the one who bullied your classmate Darren. Dog men and women and their fathers.”

Afterwards, Issac asked: “Mr. Wade do you want me to say hello to the family and kill the Wu family directly, or let the family warn the Wu family so that they can be honest in the future?”

“No.” Charlie said with a smile: “I don’t want others to help.”

Charlie is not ready to return to Wade’s house yet, he even feels that he does not necessarily have to return to Wade’s house in the future.

After all, he has been away from the Wade family for so many years, and to be honest, although he can’t talk about a deep hatred with the Wade family, there is still a hurdle in heart, and that hurdle was the accidental death of his parents that year.

Therefore, he said to Issac: “Some things are more interesting if you have to do it yourself. Relying on others for help is not only unreliable, but also takes away a lot of fun.”

Issac hurriedly said: “But young master, the Wu family is in the whole Aurous Hill. It has a top-notch existence. If they are really deliberate about going against you, I’m afraid you can’t handle it alone.”