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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 937 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 937 Start

Claire knew very well in her heart that if she let her mother know that the father was partying with Meiqing and their old classmates, she would definitely be so angry.

At this time, she was already very emotional, and she couldn’t say anything to add fuel to the fire.

So she said: “It should be a gathering with his old classmates. I am not too clear about the specifics. Maybe it is the last time.”

“It’s not quite right!” Elaine said with a black face: “His old classmates can’t get together once in a few years. It is impossible to get together again in a short time and go again. This time there must be a different opportunity. !”

Claire could only lie against her will: “I don’t know this too well.”

Elaine gritted her teeth with anger, and said coldly: “This old b@stard, I have suffered so much inside, and he still has the mind to go to party with others, really heartless!”

Claire had no choice but to speak for her father, saying against her will: “Mom, during the two days you disappeared, Dad was also very anxious.”

“I don’t believe it!” Elaine said sternly: “This old b@stard, he said that he would separate from me two days ago! I went in without the separation. I guess he doesn’t know how happy he is!”

Claire hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t speculate about Dad like this…”

As she was talking, Jacob drove his BMW 530 to the hospital.

Seeing Elaine’s horrible look, Jacob was also stunned.

Although he has no feelings for Elaine in his heart, he has lived under Elaine’s lust for so many years that his heart is still very timid towards Elaine.

So the fundamental reason why Elaine quickly turned the other way around when he called.

When Elaine saw Jacob, her anger went wild.

There is no other reason. The main reason is that Jacob’s dressing up is really too careful, with a decent suit, a decent tie, and his hair meticulously combed. At first glance, he has been well dressed for a long time.

Elaine is not a fool. She immediately realized that Jacob’s dressing up today was definitely not for herself, but for the party.

This made her suddenly become extremely alert.

She began to speculate, what are the important elements of this party that would make Jacob dress so seriously for the first time?

From the time she married him to the present, except for the day of the wedding, she seem to have never seen him dressed up so vigorously!

When Jacob arrived, he asked, “Where did you go? How did you make it like this?”

Elaine observed at him coldly, and blurted out: “You tell me the truth, who are you partying with?”

Jacob’s expression was a little unnatural, and he said falteringly, “Isn’t it the same classmates in my class before? You all know it.”

Elaine asked, “Didn’t you just visit the other day? Why did you meet again?”

Jacob said, “Didn’t we just go to more than 20 people last time, but today there are a few more people.”

“Oh?” Elaine frowned and asked sternly: “Jacob, let me ask you, is Meiqing here?”

Jacob suddenly panicked.

He didn’t expect that Elaine would be able to ask Meiqing all of a sudden, this woman’s intuition is really a bit too accurate, right?

However, he must not dare to say anything about Meiqing to Elaine, so he lied: “No, she has been away for more than 20 years and has never come back.”