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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 932 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 932 Start

The driver hurriedly drove taxi to the People’s Hospital.

Sitting in the co-pilot, Charlie said to Elaine, “Mom, I have already called Claire. She has already rushed to the People’s Hospital.”

Elaine snorted bitterly, then turned her face out of the window angrily, and said in a strange way: “It’s really useless to have a son-in-law like you, you will only cause me trouble!”

Charlie deliberately asked: “Mom, what do you mean by this? When did I cause you trouble again?”

Elaine glared at him through the rearview mirror, and said coldly, “Don’t ask! Think about it for yourself, I won’t say anything if you ask!”

Elaine has been warned by the police many times, and now she doesn’t dare to be mad at Charlie directly, and can only use this obscure way to get angry.

Charlie naturally knew what he thought of this wonderful mother-in-law, so he deliberately said: “Excuse me, I really can’t think of what trouble I caused you.”

Elaine’s chest was up and down with anger, and the words that yelled at Charlie several times had reached her lips, but in the end she could only endure it, the feeling was like a throat hook.

So she could not think about it for a while, forced herself to bring the topic to Jacob, and asked, “Who did your dad have a party with? When did he go?”

Charlie said: “He went in the morning, but I don’t know who is there, because I didn’t ask him.”

Charlie knew very well that if his mother-in-law knew that his father-in-law had gone to a party with his first love and the classmates, she would be so angry that the taxi would be smashed.

So he simply pretended to be stupid and asked her to ask the Old Master directly at that time, but he didn’t want to Wade in the muddy water between the two of them.

Elaine was very angry and cursed: “Didn’t they just get together some time ago? Why did they get together again? It seems that during the two days I was in the detention center, his life is very chic!”

After speaking, Elaine immediately took out her mobile phone and called Jacob.

At this moment, Jacob was in the Brilliant club, having fun with Meiqing and a group of old classmates.

And Jacob himself was in a good mood, because no one of his old classmates, including Xie Wenru, dared to mock him anymore.

Looking at Charlie’s face, Boyu personally served Jacob and his classmates. This face is really rare in Aurous Hill.

So the old classmates of Jacob couldn’t help but admire him.

Everyone had a hearty lunch in the clubhouse, because everyone was still in the mood, so Meiqing asked for a box in the brilliant clubhouse, and everyone started singing.

The KTV environment of the Brilliant Clubhouse can be said to be the best in the whole Aurous Hill. Dozens of old classmates are not crowded in it. On the contrary, it is very spacious. The decoration inside is naturally luxurious and the facilities are advanced and comfortable.

But the only bad thing is that there are too many people at the party. Everyone clicks a lot of songs at once, so it takes a long time to sing in line.

Jacob specifically ordered a song by his beloved, and finally waited for his own song for more than half an hour, so he picked up the microphone, and then handed the other microphone to Meiqing, and said diligently: “Meiqing, this Let’s sing the song together.”

My confidant lover is originally a duet love song, and in the eyes of the older generation, this song is still very famous.

Moreover, the two singers who sang this song are also a couple in real life, so they add a bit of sweetness to this song.

When the old classmates watched Jacob clicked this song, and even specially invited Meiqing to sing with him, they couldn’t help but scream.

Someone said: “Oh, Jacob, you deliberately clicked on such a song and invited our beautiful lady to sing it together. What is your intention?”

Others said: “Hey, don’t you understand his thoughts? It must be his heart that everyone knows.”

Some people even flattered Jacob and said, “Oh, Jacob and Meiqing should have been a couple. They haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. Singing such a song together is really just right!”

Jacob was completely overwhelmed with joy when he heard this.

At this moment, he had no idea that his nightmare was about to come!