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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 926 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 926 Start

Elaine was completely confident at this time. While packing her own things, she said coldly to the people around: “By the way, there are a few of you who have beaten me, don’t even want to run! I tell you, I am here. The outside forces are very powerful. Starting today, I will wait for you when I go out. I will fight one by one, and let you pay for bullying me again!”

Elaine counted them down one by one, turning the expressions of everyone in the cell blue and angry.

After scolding these people, Elaine could be regarded as letting out a sigh of relief.

At this time, she had finished packing her things, and was about to leave with the prison guard, when she suddenly felt a urge to pee.

She muttered to herself: “d*mn, why do I have urine at this time…”

As she said, she whispered again: “No! This cell is too bad, and the urine taken from here must also be particularly bad, and I must leave after the spread!”

Thinking of this, she sneered at Mrs. Willson and Gena, and said contemptuously: “I happened to have a pee, so I will leave it to you guys!”

After speaking, Elaine hummed a song, twisted her waist, and walked into the toilet.

Outside, a group of people were silent, and Elaine gasped for breath.

Old Mrs. Willson clutched her chest, she looked like she was mad, and she said: “I’m so angry, I’m really angry! It must be my unfilial son who came to bail her!”

Gena asked in an interface: “Your son bailed her? This is not what a [email protected] is!”

The Old Mrs. Willson cried and said, “My son is also a useless man. He was taken care of by this shrew. They just don’t want me to live. They just tried every means to toss me away…”

After that, Mrs. Willson deliberately instigated her and said to Gena: “Gena, this woman is very vicious. She said she wants to pick up your mother’s grave. I think she will definitely do something like this. She has to be sorry!”

When Gena heard this, she immediately felt a puff of blood rushing to the top of her head, making her tremble all over.

She gritted her teeth, stood up directly, and immediately rushed into the toilet!

This is her last chance to teach Elaine, if she doesn’t seize it, then this b*tch will really leave.

When the Old Mrs. Willson saw her rushing into the bathroom furiously, she immediately followed in tremblingly.

Wendy, and several others who were scolded by Elaine, also immediately followed!

When Elaine was about to relieve her hand, she suddenly heard the toilet door slammed and kicked open. Then, facing Gena’s big foot, she kicked her and sat down in the toilet.

Her legs stuck on the edge of the urinal, her a** sank in, painful, and she couldn’t stand up after getting stuck.

When Gena thought that Elaine was going to pick up her mother’s grave and also lift up her mother’s ashes, Gena grinned with hatred, and said to others: “Beat her hard! Kill her! Let her be a stinky girl. She pretend to be forced!”

A group of people immediately hit Elaine on the head and body.

Elaine was caught off guard, yelling and raising her hands, trying to block the opponent’s fists and feet, but it was in vain.

At this time, Wendy’s eyes flashed with cold light. She had long wanted to beat Elaine, but she had never had a chance!

Seeing that everyone in front was greeting Elaine’s upper body, and Elaine was tall with two legs up, Wendy immediately stepped forward, held Elaine on one leg, and winked at the Old Mrs. Willson, saying, “Grandma, let’s just Smash this b*tch’s leg to her! Otherwise, there will be no chance again!”

“OK!” Old Mrs. Willson nodded with gritted teeth!