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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 924 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 924 Start

Some people sympathized with her, some watched a good show, and some had lingering fears.

When Elaine was dragged back to the cell, Charlie received a call from Issac at home.

On the phone, Issac said, “Mr. Wade I have sent someone to teach Elaine. I believe that after she comes out, she will definitely not dare to say one more word to you.”

Charlie said lightly: “Well, you did a good job.”

Issac said: “Mr. Wade please forgive me. I think that your mother-in-law has done too much. She stole so much money from you. In fact, it is better to hand her over to the law. At least give her a suspended death sentence. Why bother by releasing her?”

Charlie gave a wry smile: “You don’t understand, my mother-in-law is a ticket.”

Issac hurriedly asked: “Tickets? Mr. Wade what do you mean by this?”

Charlie couldn’t tell him directly that his mother-in-law Elaine was actually his ticket to the wife’s bed, so he said indifferently: “Okay, don’t ask so much, go make arrangements, it’s almost time to let her go. “

“Okay!” Issac nodded immediately: “I’ll make arrangements!”


At this moment, Elaine was lying on her little bed, howling.

This was the reason why she came to the guard, and was able to lie down on the bed for the first time.

Thanks to Gena’s pity for her, she felt it was too miserable for her to be beaten by thousands of people, so after taking her back, she put her directly on her bed.

The Old Mrs. Willson walked into the room at this time, looked at Elaine on the bed, and said with a sneer: “Oh Elaine, you have offended so many people, why would anyone want to beat you twice? I see you The days from now on are really hard to get through!”

Elaine was about to collapse at this time, she even wondered, are the policemen not going to let her go out? If that is the case, then she will be too miserable in the future.

To be beaten in the cell, and beaten out of the cell, how many beatings does she have to get on this day?

Wendy also echoed: “Grandma, I think this b*tch woman may not live for more than ten or twenty years. According to this style of play, it is estimated that in two or three months, she will have to be beaten to death?”

Old Mrs. Willson laughed and said: “Oh, she deserves it, she really deserves it!”

After finishing speaking, she sat in front of Elaine, looked at her with a swollen nose and lips, and said excitedly: “Haha, Elaine, you probably never dreamed that you would have today? It’s fine now, you will be here in the future. Suffer well in this prison. After a few days of going out with Wendy, we will go to Tomson to enjoy the good fortune!”

Elaine was aggrieved and said: “Even if you are going to live in the Tomson first-class, there is no need to curse me to death, right? I am also the daughter-in-law of the Willson family, the wife of your son, and the mother of your granddaughter. How can you be so cruel?!”

The Old Mrs. Willson sneered: “Of course I am cruel to you! Besides, I have never regarded you as the daughter-in-law of my Willson family. How do you deserve to be the daughter-in-law of our Willson family? After the first rank of the minister, let my son change to a new daughter-in-law. When the time comes, our family will be happy, it is really family happiness! You just wait for moldy and smelly in this prison!”

When Elaine heard this, she was almost furious!

“how? Do you want Jacob to change his wife? Enjoy family happiness with you?

Your bad old woman is just a pipe dream!

You wait! I will definitely go out! At that time, let’s see how I turn to see you jokes!”

Elaine was thinking fiercely in her heart, when the prison guard suddenly opened the door and said: “Elaine, you have been released, come out with me to pack your things and go through the formalities so that your family can pick you up! “