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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 923 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 923 Start

When the other two women heard this, they rushed forward, and the three of them punched and kicked Elaine together.

The fists and big feet greeted Elaine frantically, as if she didn’t want money, and Elaine kept calling out.

In fact, these three people were sent by Issac to teach Elaine, in order to convince Elaine that she was in great trouble.

In this way, after she was released, she wouldn’t dare to fall out with Charlie.

At this time, Elaine was beaten and rolled back and forth on the ground, screaming and begging for mercy endlessly.

The others were still running, but when they heard this scream, they stopped and observed at them from a distance, all in shock.

Although Gena also beat Elaine, she was not as cruel as the three of them. It was almost as if beaten to death…

It can be seen that these three people must not be ordinary people.

“Oh, it’s so miserable, so miserable!” Gena couldn’t help sighing: “This Elaine, it’s really a thumping woman…I sympathize with her a little bit…”

And the Old Mrs. Willson saw that Elaine was beaten so badly, she immediately laughed on the side, and laughed loudly: “It’s great, beat this shrew to death, beat her so hard that she can’t speak with her broken mouth!”

Wendy also clapped vigorously and smiled: “Hit! Hit it hard! Pump her face! Smash her broken face!”

At this time, the scar woman saw that Elaine was almost beaten, and then she said: “Okay, leave this dog, or if she is killed now, who will be beaten for the next 20 years. Why are you venting?”

The two stopped now.

Elaine’s nose and face were swollen, and she fell to the ground and kept screaming, feeling that she had only one breath left.

Scar woman walked up to her and said coldly: “I tell you, your good days are still early, this is the end of your low hands, wait, I will let you not survive, but you cannot die!”

Elaine burst into tears with fright.

The suffering that Charlie’s premium card brought to her was even more tragic than the nine-nine-nine-eighty-one difficulties that Thompson Seng took from the scriptures.

From the time she stole that card to the present, besides being beaten, nothing else has happened. She was hungry after she was beaten, she was frozen when she was hungry, she was poured with cold water, and poured in cold water when she was completely frozen, and slept in the toilet…

This is simply a scene of human tragedy.

When the scar woman saw Elaine lying on the ground and crying, she kicked her and snorted coldly: “Cry again, cry again and I will break your teeth!”

Elaine closed her mouth immediately. She didn’t dare to make a half-word or a little sound. She had already lost two front teeth and one posterior molar. At this time, if her mouth was broken again, she would have to spend the rest of her life. How to live!

Seeing that she didn’t dare to make any more noises, the scar woman sneered: “Okay, get out of here.”

Elaine was relieved. Although the beaten couldn’t stand up, she still clung to the distance with her hands, trying to stay away from the three women.

After Elaine was beaten, the three women also turned and left. At this moment, two prison guards suddenly appeared, greeted Gena to come, and drove Elaine back to the cell.

Although Gena hates Elaine very much, seeing Elaine being beaten like this, she also has a hint of compassion in her heart.

As a result, she was physically strong, she helped her up and led her to the cell.

Others followed behind, each with their own thoughts.